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You Say You Want Purple Cattle…

You Say You Want Purple Cattle…

Julie White

Hereford World

The data speaks for itself, or does it? There are a lot of options for commercial cattlemen out there when choosing their next bull or set of females. The Hereford breed offers a variety of tools to those cattlemen, but when seedstock breeders provide customers with that added value, it just might move the needle on the Hereford breed’s prominence in the industry.

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Zoetis responds to Reuters’ drug residue article

Zoetis responds to Reuters’ drug residue article

Dave Natzke


An investigative article focusing on the potential human health threat of livestock antibiotic residues painted an inaccurate picture of U.S. dairy farming, cattle ranching and the food animal drug regulatory process, according to Dr. Roger Saltman, a veterinarian with Zoetis, maker of the drug highlighted in the article.

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Mark Keaton: Beef cattle, forage tips for December

Mark Keaton: Beef cattle, forage tips for December

Baxter Bulletin

Winter is a good opportunity to catch up on equipment maintenance, including lubrication and fluid change of tractors, packing wheel bearings on trailer equipment, checking tires on trailers, field equipment, etc., and replacing floors in stock trailers

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Organic zinc can speed up recovery of beef cows

Organic zinc can speed up recovery of beef cows

All About Nutrition

Zinc can have a positive effect in beef cattle, prone to respiratory diseases. This is because zinc boosts the immune response, as shown by trials carried out by Swiss animal nutrition company Pancosma.

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Iowa Cattle Producers Discuss Sustainability

Iowa Cattle Producers Discuss Sustainability

Roger Riley


The Iowa Cattle Industry is holding it’s annual meeting to talk about many issues producers are facing.  One issue is a growing buzzword: sustainability. At a round table discussion the topic was examined, and one thing became clear: sustainability means different things, to different people. A panel of four looked at different takes for different groups.

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Communication is necessary in marketing.

Communication is necessary in marketing.

Ginette Kurtz

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Everyone has an opinion, and most times you don’t even have to ask for it! Harvest is fast and furious in our part of the country. Combines are running early and going late. The rush is on! Many times communication can get left on the side of the road when working long hours.

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Minerals to Cows

Minerals to Cows

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

Setting up the right mineral program for the herd starts with the basics.  This is a topic we could discuss for hours. Certainly your soil analysis and the area of the country in which you live can have a huge impact on the minerals and amounts of each that need to be supplemented.

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Heifer vs. stocker: What to keep, what to sell and when?

Heifer vs. stocker: What to keep, what to sell and when?

Jim Gransbery

Progressive Cattleman

Sitting around the kitchen table on a sunny fall afternoon – 3 to 4 inches of new snow on the pasture – Melissa and Scott Zentner reviewed decisions they made this year. The same decisions that every cow-calf producer faced in 2014 because prices for all classes of beef cattle are at or near record levels.

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NFU submits Beef Checkoff comments

NFU submits Beef Checkoff comments

Morning AG Clips

National Farmers Union (NFU) President Roger Johnson submitted comments to the U.S. Department of Agriculture today urging major and immediate changes to the current beef checkoff program including a clear separation between any organization receiving checkoff funds and those that lobby.

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Three-State Beef Conference to focus on cow-calf, stocker topics

Three-State Beef Conference to focus on cow-calf, stocker topics


Maryville Daily Forum

The University of Missouri Extension will host the second-annual Three-State Beef Conference Jan. 13-15, 2015, with locations in Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska.  The Three-State Beef Conference, formerly the Four-State Beef Conference, is designed to give beef cattle producers and others in the beef industry in Iowa, Missouri and Nebraska a regular update on current cow-calf and stocker topics.

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