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The politics behind USDA’s checkoff actions

The politics behind USDA’s checkoff actions

Steve Dittmer


In an administration where the president’s approval rating is in the 40s and Congress’ approval rating – shameful under any president – hovers in the teens, there is a program which has consistently ranked in the 70 to 80 percent approval range for many years.

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Feeding wheat to cattle without causing acidosis

Feeding wheat to cattle without causing acidosis

All About Feed

Wheat tends to ferment quickly in the rumen more so than corn or barley. This increases the risk of ruminal acidosis, however researchers at from Lethbridge Research Centre have concluded that wheat can be fed at more than 50 percent of dietary dry matter without an adverse impact.

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As beef prices rise, cattle herds go missing in Idaho

As beef prices rise, cattle herds go missing in Idaho

Messenger Inquirer

More than 150 cattle valued at about $350,000 have been reported missing in southeastern Idaho, and authorities suspect modern-day cattle rustling as beef prices have soared. "Right now it’s just insane what those things are worth — it scares me to death," Idaho State Brand Inspector Larry Hayhurst said. "Which means the incentive is there."

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Learning from tragedy

Learning from tragedy

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

On June 16, 2014, twin tornados roared through the small Nebraska town of Pilger, leaving two people dead and much of the town destroyed. North of town, the funnels merged and the resulting tornado slammed into a 6,000-head feedyard, causing extensive damage, killing numerous cattle and injuring hundreds more.

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Model Shows Impacts of Regional Foot and Mouth Disease Outbreak

Model Shows Impacts of Regional Foot and Mouth Disease Outbreak

Beef Producer

Kansas State researchers have completed a the largest model to date to evaluate impacts of a potential foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in livestock. The researchers, Mike Sanderson, professor of epidemiology, and Sara McReynolds, a former graduate student of Sanderson’s, published the results of their research in the December issue of the journal Preventive Veterinary Medicine.

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A Good Bull Pays His Own Way

A Good Bull Pays His Own Way

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Putting a new face in the bull pen has become a pricey move. Depending on the bull, most commercial cattle operations are looking at spending $3,000 for those muscled-up genetics. But he’s really an investment for the entire operation.

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Heifer retention shapes current feedlot, carcass performance

Heifer retention shapes current feedlot, carcass performance


It’s hard to pick up a farm paper without seeing an article speculating on cowherd expansion. Yes, there are logical reasons for that, starting with the obvious: cattle prices. Next in line is the above-average forage now available in much of cow-calf country, long plagued by drought.

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