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90 Days before calving – time to sort off your thin cows for extra feed

90 Days before calving – time to sort off your thin cows for extra feed

Jay Jenkins

University of  Nebraska

Now is the time to body condition score your spring-calving herd and sort off the thin cows so you can give them a little extra feed. March calving cows have about 90 days left to put on body condition before calving. The last 90 days before calving is your last opportunity to cost effectively put condition back on thin cows.

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Good Cows, Replacement Heifers will ‘Pay Their Rent’

Good Cows, Replacement Heifers will ‘Pay Their Rent’

Beef Producer

With cattle prices at record highs, ranchers looking to build back beef cattle herds need to take careful consideration of the composition of replacement heifers to yield top-quality calves, according to speaking to about 200 cattle producers at the recent South Central Texas Cow-Calf Clinic in Brenham, Texas.

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Rebuilding the cattle industry

Rebuilding the cattle industry

Logan Hawkes

Southwest Farm Press

Ask any cattle, pork or poultry producer how they fared in recent years and chances are more than good you will get a negative response.  The truth is, with major problems like increased costs for feed, a notable drop in consumption of meat products in recent years, and problems associated with a multiyear drought, producers have taken a beating, resulting in smaller herds and tough times across the industry.

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Idaho authorities seek missing cows amid rise in cattle rustling

Idaho authorities seek missing cows amid rise in cattle rustling

Laura Zuckerman


More than 130 cows and calves have been reported missing in Idaho this week in what may be tied to a resurgence in cattle rustling amid a sharp increase in beef prices, state livestock officials said on Wednesday.

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Cover crops can sequester soil organic carbon

Cover crops can sequester soil organic carbon

Science Daily

A 12-year University of Illinois study shows that, although the use of cover crops does not improve crop yields, the practice does increase the amount of sequestered soil organic carbon using three different soil management systems.

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Care and feeding of farm animals

Care and feeding of farm animals

Hays Daily News

Farmers and ranchers always have adhered to sound principles of animal husbandry while providing the best care for their livestock. Society’s views on animal welfare, on the other hand, continue to evolve. Today, people are becoming more concerned for the animal’s quality of life.

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Purdue sophomore advocates for beef industry

Purdue sophomore advocates for beef industry

Amie Sites


Morgan Tomson’s love for agriculture, specifically the beef industry, was instilled in her from a young age while she was helping out on her family’s farm in Decatur County. That passion for the industry only grew as she began showing cattle and got involved with 4-H and FFA.

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Beef cattle genomics come full circle

Beef cattle genomics come full circle

Wes Ishmael


“A lot of people spend so much time and effort on things that don’t have anything to do with making money in the cattle business,” says Mark Gardiner of Gardiner Angus Ranch (GAR) at Ashland, KS. “It’s not too complicated. It involves calves that are born alive, grow efficiently, sell at a good pay weight when sold ahead of the feedlot or as a premium carcass through retained ownership, and leave a sister in the herd that will replicate it all again.”

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NCBA’s Cattlemen’s College Lineup Set for Feb. 3-4 in San Antonio

NCBA’s Cattlemen’s College Lineup Set for Feb. 3-4 in San Antonio


The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s Cattlemen’s College, now celebrating its 22nd year, has established a reputation as one of the most thorough cattle producer education programs in the nation. Sponsored by Zoetis, the 2015 edition of Cattlemen’s College offers a wide range of informative, hands-on educational workshops designed for cattle operations of every size and sector.

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How to Construct a Succession Plan

How to Construct a Succession Plan

Wyatt Bechtel


Handing over the reins to the family farm can be a difficult process, but it is the ultimate goal of most families to pass on the farm to the next generation. Unfortunately the majority of farms don’t make it to the third generation.

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