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Baxter Black, DVM:  The Gap of No Understanding

Baxter Black, DVM:  The Gap of No Understanding

There is a bridge to cross in understanding between those who live off the land (rural) and those who benefit from it (urban), but have no personal relationship with it.

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Cattle experts hesitant about USDA decision

Cattle experts hesitant about USDA decision

Brian Rash

Graham Leader

A recent report from Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association President Pete Bonds warns of the dangers of adding several sections of Argentina’s Patagonia region to a list of areas that could import both live cattle and frozen beef to the U.S.

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Consumers crave quality beef

Consumers crave quality beef

Trish Henderson

Canadian Cattlemen

“Beef consumption is definitely on a steady decline, but there has been a spike in demand for better quality. Consumers may be eating less beef, but they are spending more money on it,” James Bradbury, director of market development for Canada Beef, told participants at the summer Carcass 101 workshop in Olds, Alberta

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In the Cattle Business, Hope for the Best. Plan for the Worst.

In the Cattle Business, Hope for the Best. Plan for the Worst.

Curt Arens

Indiana Prairie Farmer

This past week, I heard Wyoming native and ranching veteran, Burke Teichert, speak at one of his eight stops in Nebraska, sponsored by the Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition.

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Controlled Cattle Grazing Boon to High-Profit Deer

Controlled Cattle Grazing Boon to High-Profit Deer

Karl Wolfshohl

Progressive Farmer

Cattle have been the traditional enterprise on this rugged, old ranch — which dates back to an 1812 Spanish land grant 33 years before Texas became a state. But wildlife rules here. Even with high beef prices, hunting produces more revenue than cattle on the San Pedro Ranch, south of Carrizo Springs, Texas.

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Growth mode

Growth mode

Jeff Deyoung

Iowa Farmer Today

Calling a day like this blustery would be an understatement. Winds howling out of the north, temps in single digits, wisps of snow drifting across the roads — it’s the kind of day that the challenges the fortitude of the hardiest souls. But, for Duane and Jodi Steenhoek, there is nowhere else they would rather be.

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Training the Next Generation of Ranchers

Training the Next Generation of Ranchers

Matt Brockman

The Cattleman

For most of those trying to get their start, the hurdles are significant. Costs of entry, expertise and probably the most important ingredient, the grit and determination to withstand the challenges of ranching, are all issues to overcome if a young man or woman is to join the ranks of an aging demographic.

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Heifer Selection: It’s Not Just About Phenotype

Heifer Selection: It’s Not Just About Phenotype

Jim Krantz


If you are like many in the cattle business, it is enjoyable setting ringside at any cattle show and becoming awed by the physical beauty of the cattle paraded in front of the scrutinizing eye of the judge. Some are almost flawless in design, fit to perfection and exhibited by someone with great showmanship skill and finesse. However, degree of condition, length and quality of hair coat and even a unique color pattern can obscure the true production qualities of this model phenotype.

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High cattle prices could lead to more rustling, ranchers say

High cattle prices could lead to more rustling, ranchers say

Devon Fasbinder


Cattle prices are higher than they’ve been in years according to ranchers meaning a greater likelihood for theft. Judy Kinsler and her husband Ross own what she calls a large herd of cattle, and she said the market is great right now for several reasons.

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Global genetic influence

Global genetic influence

Laura Mushrush


With the world’s best genetic record basis and as a leader in efficiency, the United States has foreign cattle producers hot on its boot heels to improve the global cow herd.

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