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Range Cattle Research and Education Center Dedicates New Education Building

Range Cattle Research and Education Center Dedicates New Education Building

Brad Buck

Southeast AG Net

Cattlemen, Extension agents and other stakeholders soon can attend educational events at a new University of Florida facility dedicated to teaching how to manage the state’s grazing lands.

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A cow made for the desert

A cow made for the desert

Emery Cowan

Arizona Daily Sun

Kacie Tomerlin’s family has been ranching in Arizona and Mexico for five generations, raising cattle on rocky, brush-studded terrain southeast of Prescott. While it’s generally rough landscape for livestock, Tomerlin and her husband have found one breed of cattle that thrives there: a lanky, free-roaming type called Criollo.

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The Efficiency of Cattle Grazing

The Efficiency of Cattle Grazing

Nicolette Hahn Niman

Mother Earth News

Energy use for cattle fed from their own foraging is so negligible that beef produced in this way is actually less energy-intensive than grain production. The Pimentels point out in Food, Energy, and Society that whereas crop cultivation adds significantly to the energy use of grain-fed livestock systems, raising cattle on grass takes little energy.

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