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Cash Flow is King!

Cash Flow is King!

Dr. Les Nunn

The Cattleman

The type of cattle operation you run determines when you will receive your income. And, a set amount of money from ranching will not come in every month. You show when your money will likely come in by what is called a Cash Flow Statement. Financial data is just one of 5 components of a good ranch business plan  and cash flow in a business king!

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Here’s My Method For Pulling and Treating New Stockers

Here’s My Method For Pulling and Treating New Stockers

R.P. Cooke

Beef Producer

In a properly designed and executed receiving program newly arrived calves are segregated by the day or week of their arrival. We have week-one calves, week-two calves, and week-three calves. After week three, we start co-mingling cattle that are completely healthy. We hold painted calves (those which have been treated) separately on good grass traps and observe them closely for another 30-plus days.

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The Secret to Daytime Calving

The Secret to Daytime Calving

Del Deterling

Progressive Farmer

Whether you have 20 cows or 200, there is nothing less pleasant than crawling out of bed in the middle of a cold night to check for calving problems. What if you don’t have to? It almost sounds too easy, but there’s research to support the idea that when you feed cows can affect when they calve.

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Case for Sustainable Meat’ takes on many sacred cows

Case for Sustainable Meat’ takes on many sacred cows

Dean Kuipers

Los Angles Times

One after another, Hahn Niman skewers the, ahem, sacred cows of the anti-meat orthodoxy. Eating meat causes world hunger? No, livestock are critical food (and cash) for 1 billion global poor, many living where plant crops cannot be grown. Deforestation? Forests are cleared primarily for soy, almost none of which goes to feed cows. Red meat and animal fat are the cause of the current epidemic of cardiovascular disease?

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Prison agricultural skills

Prison agricultural skills

Nancy Stearns Theiss

The Courier Journal

It was Roosevelt’s goal to create prisons that would give inmates opportunities to build skills that would help them with employment after their release. These skills would include agricultural skills where inmates would grow, harvest and prepare their own food supply. This ideal aligned with the national trend as World War II progressed that encouraged families and communities to grow their own Victory Garden while saving processed foods to feed the six million soldiers sent abroad.

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Reproductive stage affects mineral needs

Reproductive stage affects mineral needs

Barbara Duckworth

The Western Producer

Lameness, milk fever, downer cows, retained placentas, failure to get pregnant, poor growth and deaths could be from a nutrient deficiency. However, it is wise to consult with a veterinarian or nutritionist when things go wrong.

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Fill in the Gaps with Forage Soybeans

Fill in the Gaps with Forage Soybeans

Becky Mills

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

If you are one of those cattle producers with a passion for the forage-producing side of the business, you are probably already thinking about next year’s grazing. Forage soybeans may be just what you need to boost the quality and quantity of your pastures.

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Ceiling for bred female market remains to be seen

Ceiling for bred female market remains to be seen

Tri State livestock News

When replacement heifer calves left the sale ring last spring valued at $1,500 per head, some in the cattle business were a little nervous. First and foremost, probably the buyers. For now at least, their nerves can settle.

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Beef Sustainability is Focus at Dubuque Conference

Beef Sustainability is Focus at Dubuque Conference

Vinton Today

What does sustainability mean for the beef industry? That really depends on who you are asking. For example, the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef recently announced its definition of sustainable beef as a socially responsible, environmentally sound and economically viable product that prioritizes planet, people, animals, and progress.

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Incoming NCBA president on 3 T’s

Incoming NCBA president on 3 T’s

Julie Harker

Brownfield Network

The incoming president of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association sees potential for progress with the new Republican-led Congress next year. Phillip Ellis says he’s identified ‘the three T’s” as priorities for NCBA, “We could maybe move along now Trade Promotion Authority which the president wants and a Republican congress might support.

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