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More consumers want “humanely raised”

More consumers want “humanely raised”

Bob Meyer

Brownfield Network

While the American Humane Association is probably best known for the “No animals were harmed” disclaimer at the end of movies and TV shows, the Association also has the American Humane Certified program for animal agriculture.

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Technology Two-Step for Beef Herds

Technology Two-Step for Beef Herds

Lyndee Stabel

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Talk is still cheap, but with the kind of dollars at risk in the cattle business today, the premium is on proof. That’s why Gardiner Angus Ranch, Ashland, Kan., set out to demonstrate how fast and how much herd quality can improve using today’s DNA tests and highly proven sires concurrently.

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Relieving livestock pain involves first assessing it

Relieving livestock pain involves first assessing it

Tom Steever

Brownfield Network

With a growing demand for improved animal welfare, the search is on for livestock pain relief.  There are no FDA approved drugs to relieve pain in livestock.  Hans Coetzee at Iowa State University is in search of one, but at the same time, is searching for a means to determine whether a compound is effective.

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