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BeefTalk: We Can Do Better

BeefTalk: We Can Do Better

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Warning: Critical statements exist in this article, so you may not want to read it. However, you should at least take home the point that acquiring good bulls through knowledgeable and informed bull selection is critical to the survival of the beef business.

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Do DDGS affect Feedlot Cattle Health?

Do DDGS affect Feedlot Cattle Health?

Steve Hendrick, Ph.D., John McKinnon, Ph.D. , Eugene Janzen, Ph.D.  Tim McAllister, Ph.D.

Beef Research

Corn, wheat and other grains contain 68-70% starch, 10-13% protein, 2-4% oil, 2-3% fiber and 2% minerals. Bioethanol production only uses the starch from the grain. Therefore, the protein, oil, fiber, and minerals are much more concentrated in the dried distillers’ grains with solubles (DDGS) by-product than in the original grain.

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The Demise Of The American Angus Association Is Overstated

The Demise Of The American Angus Association Is Overstated

Troy Marshall


I’ve received many email messages recently from folks seeking insight into what’s happening with the American Angus Association (AAA), which has been in minor internal turmoil recently. As an Angus breeder, I fully understand the depth of concern in my sector, but I was a little surprised that so many people outside of the seedstock business were taking such a keen interest in AAA events.

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Ensuring adequate minerals, vitamins can be balancing act

Ensuring adequate minerals, vitamins can be balancing act

The Western Producer

A balanced nutrition program is designed around balancing calcium and phosphorus needs along with vitamins and trace minerals. Sometimes these minerals are chemically antagonistic toward each other and prevent animals from absorbing a particular nutrient.

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How To Catch A Cattle Thief

How To Catch A Cattle Thief

Stacey Vanek Smith


On Sept. 9, BJ Holloway’s life savings were stolen. Six cows worth about $10,000 were taken in the dead of the night from his land in Spencer, Okla. BJ started raising cows when he was just a teenager. His parents gave him the first two, and he raised those until they had calves he could sell off to buy some more. Over the years, he kept doing that, breeding the cows and selling off the little ones.

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Local rancher warns of foot-and-mouth threat from abroad

Local rancher warns of foot-and-mouth threat from abroad

Jim Douglas


Pete Bonds runs a huge ranching operation. He has thousands of head of cattle spread across Texas. He’s worried about the threat – even the remotest threat – of foot-and-mouth disease infecting his herds.

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USDA: Cattle Dressed Weights Reach Record Levels

USDA: Cattle Dressed Weights Reach Record Levels


Economic Research Service reports: The average weight of cattle slaughtered in the United States is increasing in 2014, as rising prices for cattle and beef, coupled with declining feed costs, have induced growers to feed cattle for longer periods

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