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Increase Pregnancy Rate

Increase Pregnancy Rate

T.S. Gatz

Angus Journal

There’s a certain amount of satisfaction — a nd a boost to your bottom line — that comes when more heifers and cows become pregnant during a nice, tight breeding season, and fewer cows are culled due to being open.

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Keeping your Cattle winter ready

Keeping your Cattle winter ready

Randy Kuhn

Beef Today

   Snow, sleet, freezing rain and winds like we are all experiencing are a bad combination for previously healthy unstressed cow’s & calves. Not to mention it’s pretty hard on us too when attempting to do our daily chores! 

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Zilmax Safe If Stricter Protocols Followed

Zilmax Safe If Stricter Protocols Followed

The Beef Site

Cattle feed additive Zilmax is safe but a raft of labelling and management revisions are required to ensure ‘appropriate’ use.

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Farmers and scientists divided over climate change

Farmers and scientists divided over climate change


Associate professor of natural resource social science Linda Prokopy and fellow researchers surveyed 6,795 people in the agricultural sector in 2011-2012 to determine their beliefs about climate change and whether variation in the climate is triggered by human activities, natural causes or an equal combination of both.

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Beef cattle herd expansion possible

Beef cattle herd expansion possible


Beef cow numbers are at the lowest they’ve been since 1962, and although the cattle industry has not begun to register signs of expansion, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the conditions are correct, said Chris Hurt, Purdue Extension agriculture economist.

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Utilizing scales in herd management is important to profit

Utilizing scales in herd management is important to profit

Robyn Scherer

Progressive Cattleman

In the cattle business, weight is important. The weight of a calf when it’s born through the weight when it’s processed are all values that help a producer to know more about a herd, and make management decisions.

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Top 5 Waters of the U.S. Headlines

Top 5 Waters of the U.S. Headlines

Janell Thomas

Beef Producer

Public comment on the Waters of the U.S. proposal ends today. Here’s a look back at the top headlines on the issue.

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Merck Unveils New Cattle Handling Website

Merck Unveils New Cattle Handling Website

Burt Rutherford

Paulo Loureiro saw a need to help his clients refine and enhance their cattle handling and stockmanship skills. The Brazilian veterinarian says a large ranch in Brazil can have 10,000 to 15,000 cows, and that means both the working facilities and the cattle handlers get a workout.

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The need for antibiotic stewardship

The need for antibiotic stewardship

Bob Meyer

Brownfield News Network

The National Institute for Animal Agriculture held its annual antibiotics symposium “Antibiotic Use and Resistance; Moving Forward Through Shared Stewardship.” Dr. Lonnie King, dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine at The Ohio State University keynoted the conference, he says the main goal was to prepare agriculture for the FDA’s new guidance. 

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Net wrap should be removed from bales

Net wrap should be removed from bales

Yolanda Schmidt

Pierce County Tribune

Cattlemen, do you use net wrap on your bales? If so you may want to check out a video that our Livestock Animal Health Program Planning Team developed while we were at NDSU Communication Camp in Fargo last week.

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