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The Cost of Infertility

The Cost of Infertility

Cliff Lamb

Angus Journal

Beef producers need cows to become pregnant, deliver healthy calves and wean productive calves to make their operations economically viable.

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Sexed Semen Tailors the Calf Crop

Sexed Semen Tailors the Calf Crop

Boyd Kidwell

Progressive Farmer

As beef cattle producers move into the expansion phase, interest in artificial insemination (AI) with sexed semen is increasing. Many ranchers want to see if sexed semen is a profitable way of developing additional high-value replacement heifers.

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The toolbox for trait selection in the beef herd

The toolbox for trait selection in the beef herd

Adam Hady


With beef prices high and the calf crop in, beef producers are starting to decide which of this year’s heifers and/or bulls they are going to keep back for next year. Beef producers have a whole host of tools to help them decide. Here are four ways producers can use to select the traits that they want in their next generation.

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Hoosier producer grows cattle operation

Hoosier producer grows cattle operation

Amie Sites


When Boone County producer Donnie Lawson first started looking at expanding his cattle operation, there was a lot to consider. In fact, Lawson and his family researched options for about three years before finally adding a monoslope beef barn on the property.

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Want to feed cattle? Feed the bugs first

Want to feed cattle? Feed the bugs first

Kerry Halladay

Western Livestock Journal

When you see a cow out on the range with her nose to the ground, or a steer with his head buried in a feedyard bunk, what do you see? If “bovine-shaped microbe homestead” or “four-legged fermentor vat” isn’t among your mental list, you should add them. And you might want to add them close to the top.

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USDA To Publish Proposed New Beef Promotion Order

USDA To Publish Proposed New Beef Promotion Order

Burt Rutherford


As promised, USDA is moving forward with its intent to create using executive fiat a supplemental beef checkoff under the 1996 generic Commodity Promotion and Research Act. If implemented, the new USDA-driven checkoff program will run concurrently with the existing $1/head beef checkoff that cattle producers have used to promote their product since the mid-1980s.

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Walker elected as American Hereford Association president

Walker elected as American Hereford Association president


Eric Walker of Morrison, Tenn., was announced as the new president of the American Hereford Association (AHA) during the Annual Membership Meeting, Nov. 1, in Kansas City, Mo.

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Cow Depreciation – A hidden significant non-cash expense

Cow Depreciation – A hidden significant non-cash expense

Aaron Berger


Cow depreciation is frequently the second largest expense to the cow-calf enterprise after feed. Depreciation is a non-cash expense that is often overlooked by cow-calf producers.

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Cattle Group Pleased Second Beef Check Off Being Proposed

Cattle Group Pleased Second Beef Check Off Being Proposed


The United States Cattlemen’s Association is pleased Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has announced the opening of a comment period for a second beef check off program. Cattlemen’s Vice President and Texas producer Chuck Kiker says his group encouraged the Secretary to move forward with this proposal and is hoping all cattle producers will weigh in with their views.

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Grain-fed cattle linked to tougher beef

Grain-fed cattle linked to tougher beef

Rob Payne


Finishing beef cattle on grain leads to higher body temperatures before and after slaughter, which can diminish meat quality, research says. According to Meat Standards Australia (MSA) guidelines for optimal eating, the temperature of slaughtered beef should be between 15°C and 35°C when it reaches pH 6.0.

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