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Baxter Black, DVM: Keepin’ Busy

Baxter Black, DVM:  Keepin’ Busy

Skip, whattya doin’ now days?”

“Oh, I’m doin’ a little day work for Irsik and ridin’ two green colts for $50 a month.

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Five keys to winter supplementation of the cow herd

Five keys to winter supplementation of the cow herd

Dr. Kim Mullenix


Know and understand the quality of the hay that you are feeding. A forage analysis is needed to accurately determine the nutritional value of hay and if additional supplementation is needed outside of this feedstuff in your herd.

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A Good Castration

A Good Castration

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

My preferred method of castration is to use an instrument called a Newberry knife. This is used to make a quick side-to-side cut through the bottom half of the scrotum, perpendicular to the body.

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Politics, Power & Greed Driving The Checkoff Controversy

Politics, Power & Greed Driving The Checkoff Controversy

Troy Marshall


With the future of the checkoff in doubt, this is probably a good time to reexamine the program and why the industry felt it was needed in the first place. This industry’s greatest strengths are its people and our product.

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Increased beef demand will keep prices high, economist says

Increased beef demand will keep prices high, economist says

Matthew Weaver

Capital Press

Demand for beef will continue to increase at home and abroad, supporting record-high prices, a top agricultural economist says. . . .Causes include increased demand, fewer cattle and decreasing corn prices, he told the annual Cattle Producers of Washington banquet.

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Market speaks louder than science: GMO-free animals a good business model

Market speaks louder than science: GMO-free animals a good business model

Edward Ortiz

Sacramento Bee

Megan Brown sells beef from grass-fed cows, but the Butte County rancher’s choice is motivated more by the higher price she can get for organic beef than worries about the health consequences of eating meat from cows that ate genetically modified grain.

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White Hired as Hereford World Editor

White Hired as Hereford World Editor


Julie White is the new Hereford World editor. She replaces Angie Stump Denton who will continue to be the American Hereford Association (AHA) Director of Communications and Public Relations. Julie brings a combination of cattle knowledge and journalism experience to the role.  

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Beef Demand versus Consumption, Explained

Beef Demand versus Consumption, Explained

Melissa Sandfort


Polly Ruhland, Cattlemen’s Beef Board CEO, says building demand for beef clearly is one of the goals of the checkoff, but that goal often is misunderstood. Ruhland gives us an overview of beef consumption.

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Exploring fetal programming

Exploring fetal programming

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

We know the importance of colostrum at birth, good calf nutrition and sound weaning protocols in assuring calf health. We’re now learning more, however, about how the cow’s nutritional status during gestation can affect the expression of genes in the developing calf, influencing immunity, growth and reproduction over the calf’s entire lifetime.

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Big Demand for More Hamburger Cattle

Big Demand for More Hamburger Cattle

Gene Johnston


They say change is the hardest thing for people, but to change the cattle industry? Now that may take divine intervention. Yet, that’s what Don Close is trying to do.

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