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DNA-based selection and AI to proven sires produces elite calves

DNA-based selection and AI to proven sires produces elite calves

Lyndee Stabel

High Plains Journal

Talk is still cheap, but with the kind of dollars at risk in the cattle business today, the premium is on proof. That’s why Gardiner Angus Ranch, Ashland, Kansas, set out to demonstrate how fast and how much herd quality can improve using today’s DNA tests and highly proven sires concurrently.

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Dairy Cattle Beef up Beef Industry

Dairy Cattle Beef up Beef Industry

Beef Today

While dairy producers are seeing profitability from milk checks there is also a tremendous opportunity to market cattle into the beef supply thanks to record high beef prices.

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Study supports inclusion of up to 60% distiller grains in cattle feed

Study supports inclusion of up to 60% distiller grains in cattle feed

Lynda Searby

Feed Navigator

New research suggests that the addition of small amounts of calcium oxide to neutralize the acidity of distiller grains could enable this corn alternative to be used at higher levels in livestock feed mixes.

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Moving calves, managing stress

Moving calves, managing stress

Kim Schoonmaker


Humane transport of livestock is important for both carcass quality and animal welfare. However, it is difficult to mitigate stress for animals in-transit. During a typical journey, calves lose weight due to the stress of weaning and being withdrawn from feed and water during transport.

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OSU expert: Corn stalks are an inexpensive feed source

OSU expert: Corn stalks are an inexpensive feed source

Tracy Turner

AG Answers

Livestock producers looking for a relatively easy and inexpensive feed source can turn to harvested cornfields for the answer. The residue left on the field after harvesting corn can be used to meet the nutrient needs of ruminant livestock in early to mid-gestation, according to a forage expert from Ohio State University’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences.

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Dykes Joins Brangus Team as Commercial Marketing Coordinator

Dykes Joins Brangus Team as Commercial Marketing Coordinator


Kyle Dykes joined the staff at the International Brangus Breeders Association (IBBA) headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. As the Commercial Marketing Coordinator, Dykes will oversee IBBA’s commercial marketing programs while engaging with members and Brangus producers across the country.

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Department Seeks Public Comments on Crafting New Checkoff

Department Seeks Public Comments on Crafting New Checkoff

Chris Clayton


Following through on Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack’s demands, USDA will post a notice in the Federal Register on Monday asking for public comments on creating a new beef checkoff.

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Webinar examines future of beef

Webinar examines future of beef

Kevin Welch


There will be a webinar Tuesday with Kansas State University Economist Glynn Tonsor looking into the future of beef to lay out the economic outlook for stocker, feedlot and processing operators over the next two years.

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Why there’s a Five Guys in your Town

Why there’s a Five Guys in your Town

Attain Capital

It’s been a little over 10 months since we’ve looked at the Meat markets (Live and Feeder Cattle) hitting all time highs, and if you think that’s because the ascent has slowed down… think again.  It’s almost become S&P-like boring to talk about…. Ho hum, another all time high in Cattle today as the market has marched on and on this year. . Feeder Cattle is up 42%, while Live cattle is up 22% YTD.

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Increasing your beef cow productivity

Increasing your beef cow productivity

Coshocton Tribune

Just this week, a headline in The Wall Street Journal read “Cow Prices Jump Over the Moon.” Last week, the live cattle futures prices reached an all-time high. Much of that is due to drought conditions that have persisted in the Great Plains and caused ranchers to reduce their herd size

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