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Open cows? Diagnosing the failure to breed

Open cows? Diagnosing the failure to breed

Travis Meteer

University of Illinois

Open cows are simply a fact of the cattle business. Managing to achieve a 100% pregnancy rate is simply not cost effective, nor should it be your goal. Having a few open cows every year implies some selection pressure is being put on fertility and animals best-fit for your environment.

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Matching Cattle Requirements to Available Feeds

Matching Cattle Requirements to Available Feeds

Brandi Karisch


Beef cattle require nutrients to support body maintenance, reproduction, lactation, and growth. The nutritional needs of beef cattle vary by age, class, stage of production, performance level, and weight. Physiological and environmental stressors, such as sickness and weather, can also impact nutritional requirements.

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The Importance Of Beef Reproduction – What, How, Why?

The Importance Of Beef Reproduction – What, How, Why?


When discussing reproduction and its relationship to ranch profitability, it is important to establish context or circumstances. I like to think of it this way: The ranch is profitable, has reduced overheads significantly, has improved grazing management to enable more grazing and less feeding, and has determined that a cow-calf operation fits the ranch resources and location.

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Exiting the beef industry

Exiting the beef industry

Don Campbell

Canadian Cattleman

With today’s strong market this might be an opportune time to exit the beef industry. Cattle prices have basically doubled in the last year. If you are anywhere near retiring you might want to consider this fact. No one knows what future prices may be. What we do know is today’s price.

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Second Beef Checkoff Notice Expected this Month

Second Beef Checkoff Notice Expected this Month

Beef Producer

USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack said Tuesday that the USDA will move forward with soliciting input on a second beef checkoff to bring more money into the beef industry. Vilsack last month said a second checkoff would be considered because industry groups could not reach an agreement on several issues within the current checkoff.

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Always Follow Label Directions

Always Follow Label Directions

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

One reader is wondering if he’s okay administering Excede in a way other than what the label recommends.

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Nebraska cattleman switches to successful custom-grazing operation

Nebraska cattleman switches to successful custom-grazing operation

Cassidy Woolsey

Progressive Forage Grower

Innovation is something Kyle Marshall, owner of Cedar Cross Ranch, has grown accustomed to since he began in the cattle business nearly 12 years ago.

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Stockers Rise Above Commodity Roots

Stockers Rise Above Commodity Roots

 Katy Kemp

American Angus

Tradition says the stocker business is simply about pounds of commodity feeder cattle, that stockers and quality are like oil and water. But ignoring today’s market demand for superior quality could mean less weight in your wallet.

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Marginal thinking for optimal decisions

Marginal thinking for optimal decisions

Derrell S. Peel


How should $300+/cwt. calf prices affect cow-calf producer decisions?  The market signal is pretty clear; more calf production is needed and will be rewarded.  For many producers, this may be a question of expanding the cow herd.

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Don’t Let Nitrates Cost Cattle Lives

Don’t Let Nitrates Cost Cattle Lives

Bruce Anderson

University of Nebraska

Will you feed cane, millet, or oat hay, or maybe corn stalk bales, to your cows this winter?  If so, don’t let high nitrate levels kill your cows or cause abortions.

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