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Appeals Court Won’t Tamper With COOL, But Keeping It Could Be Costly

Appeals Court Won’t Tamper With COOL, But Keeping It Could Be Costly

Food Safety News

The latest is a decision by the U.S Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit not to rehear the dispute. That means, unless the U.S. Supreme Court takes up the issue, that domestic courts are fine with U.S. Department of Agriculture rules that require producers to keep track and report on the label on the birthplace, residence, and location at passing for each hunk of meat sold at retail in the U.S. regardless of the burden or cost.

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Dangers With October Hay

Dangers With October Hay

Bruce Anderson

University of Nebraska

Late summer rains and moderate temperatures have produced higher than usual fall alfalfa yields. Quite a bit has been harvested this October. Storage can be risky, though.

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Why Genetic Credentials Matter In U.S. Beef Industry

Why Genetic Credentials Matter In U.S. Beef Industry

Wes Ishmael


Helping cow-calf clients sort through which cattle to add to their herds during this current period of industry expansion may be even more important than helping them figure out the most effective ways to expand.

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Winter feed costs for the cow herd discussed

Winter feed costs for the cow herd discussed

The Sedalia Weekly Observer

Winter feeding time is fast approaching for many beef producers.  Hay supplies seem adequate and grain prices have fallen to levels not seen for several years.  This should mean cheaper winter feeding costs for beef producers.  Does hay quality and feed ingredient selection matter in this pricing environment?

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Beef groups to block USDA’s plan for second checkoff

Beef groups to block USDA’s plan for second checkoff

David Cooper

Progressive Cattleman

U.S. Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says the inability of a working group to find ways to reform the Beef Checkoff program could lead the USDA to start a second checkoff program for research and marketing.

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Ohio farmers worry about opening borders to a devastating cow disease

Ohio farmers worry about opening borders to a devastating cow disease

Stephen Koff


While Ohio communities have fretted about Ebola, Ohio beef farmers worry about a different kind of infectious disease, one that could weaken cattle severely and cripple farm economies if it reached the United States.

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Calculators predict forage and hay reserves

Calculators predict forage and hay reserves

The Noble Foundation

Hugh Aljoe

Have you ever wanted to predict the future? Now you can and, best of all, the tool to do so is free on the Noble Foundation website. Before you get too excited, the future I’m talking about only applies to your pasture and hay situation this fall and winter.

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Colostrum – baby’s first defense

Colostrum – baby’s first defense

Laura Mushrush


“Whether you’re in a fall or spring calving herd, making sure newborn calves receive colostrum is absolutely essential,” says University of Nebraska-Lincoln Professor and Extension Beef Specialist Rick Rasby.

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Make Time to Body Condition Score Cows

Make Time to Body Condition Score Cows

Kansas State University

 “Body condition scoring is looking into a cow’s gas tank to see how much energy reserve she has,” said Sandy Johnson, beef cattle specialist for K-State Research and Extension. “We need an idea of where she’s at as we manage her condition in relation to the quality of our forages.”

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Nutritional Considerations for Fall-calving Herds

Nutritional Considerations for Fall-calving Herds

Patrick Gunn, Joe Sellers

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

When is fall calving? As we talk to producers in Iowa, it seems some consider the fall-calving season to occur from Aug. 15-Oct. 31, while others assume Sept. 15-Nov. 1 is the right time frame. Hopefully, adding a fall-calving group is not just moving to a “continuous” calving season; this needs to be a separate management group.

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