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What happens if cattle disappear?

What happens if cattle disappear?

Kerry Halladay

Western Livestock Journal

“Cattle-free in ’93!” Despite over two decades of failure, this mantra still highlights the reality that there are people who want to remove cattle (and sheep and other domestic livestock) from the public range. Most of those advocating this—either directly or subtly—argue that such a move is in the best interest of the land, wildlife, and the overall landscape. But is that true? If livestock were removed from public lands, what would that look like?

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Cull Unproductive Beef Cows Before Winter

Cull Unproductive Beef Cows Before Winter

Lyssa Seefeldt

Beef Producer

Is your herd on the natural culling cycle (i.e. animals dying of old age)? Is that old beef cow a "hard keeper" over winter and you just cannot keep weight on her? What do you do with those cows still open after breeding season?

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Which worms are there?

Which worms are there?

John Maday


Beef producers turn to veterinarians to diagnose disease and determine the best treatments, but when it comes to parasite control, many use a “one-size-fits-all” approach. This is not surprising, as availability of effective, economical, broad-spectrum deworming products — particularly since the introduction of ivermectin and others in the “macrocyclic lactone” class of anthelmintics in the 1980s — allowed easy treatment and dramatic improvements in cattle health and productivity.

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State of the Angus Business

State of the Angus Business

Beef Today

There’s never been a better time to be in the Angus business, according to the latest data from the American Angus Association. Despite historically low cow-herd inventories, business has grown for Angus breeders and the member-driven organization reports growth in nearly every category in fiscal year 2014.

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Fall cattle market considerations

Fall cattle market considerations

Derell S. Peel

The price of 475 pound, Medium and Large Number 1 steers in Oklahoma have averaged $281.81/cwt. the past six weeks. This includes the latest weekly average price of $294.80/cwt at the seven federally reported auctions in the state. This price compares to an average of $183.15/cwt. in late September and early October one year ago (no price reported in much of October 2013 due to federal government shutdown).

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Try to apply fall herbicide treatments before December

Try to apply fall herbicide treatments before December

AG Answers

Now is a good time for growers to apply herbicide treatments to their fields to control weeds and help ensure a good start for spring planting. In fact, anytime between now and the week of Thanksgiving is a good time for fall herbicide applications, according to a researcher from Ohio State University’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences.

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Measure Up Winter Cow Feed Options

Measure Up Winter Cow Feed Options

Barb Baylor Anderson

Angus Journal

The dramatic drop in corn prices may mean you can economically pencil corn back in as a feed alternative, but nutritionists say don’t dismiss other options.

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