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Baxter Black, DVM:  Brand Name Beef

Baxter Black, DVM:  Brand Name Beef

ROADSIDE CHUCK  Delicious cuts of beef collected from scenic highways around the country. Flattened to the peak of tenderness.

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Canada warns U.S. to repeal COOL or face consequences

Canada warns U.S. to repeal COOL or face consequences

The Western Producer

Canada is gearing up to retaliate against the United States after its third victory in the ongoing country-of-origin labelling dispute. “We will target everything from California wine to Minnesota mattresses, not to mention the over $2 billion in U.S. beef and pork sales to Canada,” said federal agriculture minister Gerry Ritz.

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These Things I Consider Critical Knowledge For Ranch Managers

These Things I Consider Critical Knowledge For Ranch Managers

Walt Davis

Beef Producer

Many of the problems of ranching came with the shift of emphasis from husbandry to science.  Recently I was asked to comment on what knowledge should be presented in a curriculum for ranch managers at a Texas university.

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Harvested fields still have value

Harvested fields still have value

Jeff DeYoung

Iowa Farmer Today

Corn harvest is here in much of the Midwest and, in many cases, cows will follow combines into those fields. But, with today’s better varieties, less corn is left in the combine’s wake. That does not mean there is not plenty of feed left in the field if managed correctly.

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Brazil Beef to Expand Across Feedlots

Brazil Beef to Expand Across Feedlots

Alastair Stewart


Brazilian beef production will grow rapidly over the next 10 years as the use of feedlots becomes more common, Rabobank said in a research report.

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Sort cows for efficient winter feeding

Sort cows for efficient winter feeding

Glenn Selk


First calf heifers have historically been the toughest females on the ranch to get rebred. They are being asked to continue to grow, produce milk, repair the reproductive tract, and have enough stored body energy (fat) to return to heat cycles in a short time frame. Two-year old cows must fill all of these energy demands at a time when their mouth is going through the transition from baby teeth to adult teeth.

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Do We Need A New ‘Environmental Impact’ Label For Beef?

Do We Need A New ‘Environmental Impact’ Label For Beef?

Eliza Barclay


If you’ve got decisions to make at the meat counter (or at a burger joint) and want to do right by the environment, you have a couple of options. You could skip the beef entirely, which is what some environmental groups say you should do. Or you could go for meat with a "grass-fed" or "organic" label.

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Prussic acid testing in forages

Prussic acid testing in forages

Marc Sulc

Bovine Veterinarian

Some forage species can develop prussic acid poisoning potential when harmed by frost and management practices should be followed to prevent poisoning of livestock (see accompanying article). If doubt remains regarding the safety of the forage, it can be tested for prussic acid (cyanide) content.

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Producers brace for change in Beef Checkoff

Producers brace for change in Beef Checkoff


Casper Star Tribune

Cowboy State cattle producers are bracing for an overhaul of the national Beef Checkoff Program after the U.S. Department of Agriculture proposed the creation of a separate program amid failed administrative reforms of the current system.

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