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Should you be worried about your feedstuff quality and quantity this year?

Should you be worried about your feedstuff quality and quantity this year?

Karla Hernandez and Adele Harty

Beef Today

Summer has brought cooler temperatures to our growing season, and with this in mind we need to start thinking about feedstuff inventory both in terms of quality and quantity. Hay inventories for the upcoming winter feeding could fall a bit short in some areas across the state, while other areas have an abundant quantity, but may not have the quality.

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New Program Promises Extra $50 Per Head

New Program Promises Extra $50 Per Head

Chris Clayton


These days anything with four legs and a rumen is already bringing a historically high price. So why go through the hassle and expense of signing up for another certification program? To top that record price off with another $50 per head.

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Fall Calving Needs Just Enough Green Grass

Fall Calving Needs Just Enough Green Grass

R. P. "Doc" Cooke

Beef Producer

I think that most everyone agrees that green grass has more nutrition than any of the other colors but there are other important differences that affect cattle health.

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Auscultation in the electronic age

Auscultation in the electronic age

Bovine Veterinarian

Back in 1816, a French physician named René Laennec came upon an idea. The good doctor was frustrated by his limited ability to determine what was happening inside a patient’s body and, in response, invented a device for listing to the patient’s lung sounds.

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Prussic Acid Poisoning could be an issue with Frosted Forages

Prussic Acid Poisoning could be an issue with Frosted Forages

Travis Meteer

University of Illinois

Prussic acid poisoning is caused by hydrocyanic acid. As a cyanide compound the substance can quickly kill animals. Death can occur within minutes of ingestion in some cases. Cyanide interferes with the oxygen-carrying function in the blood resulting in asphyxiation.

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Economic Drivers of the Beef Industry

Economic Drivers of the Beef Industry

Hereford World

We are in a unique time in this industry, where, let’s face it, it’s ever been any better,” CattleFax CEO Randy Blach said Friday morning, Sept. 5, at the Hereford Genetic Summit. Blach gave insight about what the markets are doing and major changes to come.

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Using ultrasound to market and manage cows and heifers

Using ultrasound to market and manage cows and heifers

Robin Salverson

High Plains Journal

The use of ultrasound in the beef industry is growing, but the question remains, “How can it create more dollars in my pocket?”

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