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Moldy Corn and Corn Silages

Moldy Corn and Corn Silages

Tracey Erickson

Farm and Ranch Guide

We have been starting to receive some reports of corn having some mold and along with some stalk rot in certain areas of the state due to the cool and wetter growing conditions this past year. This has been especially true if there are maturity issues or storm damage followed by cool and wet conditions.

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Effects of a Freeze on Forages

Effects of a Freeze on Forages

Bruce Anderson

University of Nebraska

If you haven’t experienced a freeze yet this fall, you soon will. And remember, a freeze can cause hazards for using some forages. When plants freeze, changes occur in their metabolism and composition that can poison livestock. But you can prevent problems.

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Ag leaders share thoughts on leadership

Ag leaders share thoughts on leadership

Lynn Gordon

Tri State Livestock News

Like many of the readers of this publication, I was fortunate to be raised in agriculture, growing up on a purebred cow/calf and small grain farm. My parents were immersed in all aspects of agriculture from crop farming; breeding, showing and selling livestock; monitoring agriculture policy; and serving the next generation through 4-H and youth programs.

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Corn Silage Considerations

Corn Silage Considerations

Travis Meteer

University of Illinois

Corn silage is a popular choice for winter feeding throughout the Midwest. The feed is very palatable, a good source of energy, and is highly digestible. Along with these attributes, its popularity is also based on high yield and tonnage per acre.

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Fall Cow-Calf Feeding Opportunities

Fall Cow-Calf Feeding Opportunities

Dr. Alan S. Vaage Ph.D.

American Cattleman

Traditionally, most cow-calf producers consider feeding total mixed rations (TMR) only during calving and early lactation, as well as perhaps, ideally, during late gestation.

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Tell Consumers Sustainability Exists

Tell Consumers Sustainability Exists

Hereford World

Troy Smith

Sustainability is one of those buzzwords that have become part of the jargon of corporate, academic, governmental and everyday work and social environments.

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Get Every Calf You Deserve

Get Every Calf You Deserve

Robert Fears

The Cattleman

Bovine trichomoniasis, often referred to as trich, is a growing concern in Texas, Oklahoma and other western states. The concern stems from 3 characteristics of the disease: 1) it is hard to detect because animals do not appear sick even though they experience reproductive loss, 2) it causes loss in animal production, and 3) it is costly to remove the disease from a herd.

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Highland cattle: Rugged breed, healthy beef

Highland cattle: Rugged breed, healthy beef

Paul Queck

Travel through the rugged Scottish Highlands and you’ll see herds of Highland cattle. These shaggy, long-haired cattle thrive on rough land and the harsh highland conditions.

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Newly Elected Red Angus Board of Directors

Newly Elected Red Angus Board of Directors

Each year, members of the Red Angus Association of America (RAAA) elect their fellow breeders to serve the RAAA and continue to advance its mission. This year, members elected Kim Ford, Bertrand, Neb., to serve as the 30th president of the RAAA.

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Nutritional concepts for backgrounding calves

Nutritional concepts for backgrounding calves

Karla H. Jenkins


Commodity prices are lower than they have been in quite some time and cattle prices are at a record high. As fall approaches, many cattle producers are considering backgrounding calves rather than selling them at weaning. This may be economically advantageous, but only if the calves remain healthy and achieve the desired rate of gain.

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