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BeefTalk: Time to Sort the Thin, Young or Old Cows

BeefTalk: Time to Sort the Thin, Young or Old Cows

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

The cow is the source of production, so keeping her in shape is critical. Today’s point is that cows will regain body condition easier when production demands are low. Also, as a general rule, when the living have adequate food but are limited to little activity, weight gain occurs. If food is bountiful, weight gain will occur even faster.

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Education from the epicenter of the U.S. beef industry

Education from the epicenter of the U.S. beef industry

The National Provisioner

Visitors of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Animal Science Complex are reminded that the leading objective of land grant institutions is instruction in agriculture and related sciences.

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Heifer Selection: It’s Not Just About Phenotype

Heifer Selection: It’s Not Just About Phenotype

Jim Krantz

Beef Today

If you are like many in the cattle business, it is enjoyable setting ringside at any cattle show and becoming awed by the physical beauty of the cattle paraded in front of the scrutinizing eye of the judge.

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See the diverse use of forages during Indiana Forage Field Day

See the diverse use of forages during Indiana Forage Field Day

Ag Answers

"This will be an opportunity to learn how forages are grown for many different purposes, such as soil conservation, feed for livestock, wildlife habitat and as a biofuel," said Purdue Extension forage specialist Keith Johnson, organizer of the field day.

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Hay Quality and Supplemental Feeding

Hay Quality and Supplemental Feeding

Daren Redfearn

University of Nebraska

To answer the question, “is my hay feeding program meeting the cowherd’s nutritional requirements?”, two key pieces of information are needed. The first piece of information to obtain is the animal nutritional needs.

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Tumbling grain prices change feed mix

Tumbling grain prices change feed mix

Iowa Farmer Today

Jeff DeYoung

Tumbling corn prices helped convince Brent Lorimor it was time to feed more of his grain and less distillers. Lorimor, who farms and feeds cattle near here in Fremont County, started lessening the amount of modified distillers in his ration a few months ago.

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Heifer management sets stage for profit

Heifer management sets stage for profit

Duane Dailey


Rebuilding the U.S. cow herd numbers takes more than keeping female offspring to breed. Managing beef heifers is as important as using improved genetics in developing replacements, said David Patterson, University of Missouri. As farmers save heifers to breed for increasing their cow herds, careful attention must be paid to pre-breeding care.

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