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Angus Coup Goes Awry

Angus Coup Goes Awry

Greg Henderson

Beef Today

. . . Whether the dismissals are a speed bump or a train wreck for the breed remains to be seen. For now, many breeders say their confidence in the association is shaken.

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Identify and Treat BRD Early to Help Stockers Reach Potential

Identify and Treat BRD Early to Help Stockers Reach Potential

Beef Producer

Lung damage progresses rapidly with BRD so stopping it early is best way to prevent greater injury.

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Why The Cattle Market Is At A Critical Juncture

Why The Cattle Market Is At A Critical Juncture

Nevil Speer


The cattle market action in September was largely a repeat of what occurred in late-July and into early August. The net outcome from end to end was mostly flat trade, and the final two weeks of fed trade in September scored $156-$157, just $1 ahead of where August trade finished the month (mostly $155-$156).

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Texas 4-H program teaches youth real-world cattle-feeding process.

Texas 4-H program teaches youth real-world cattle-feeding process.

Kasey Brown

Angus Journal

You can’t learn everything from books. Some things you just have to learn through doing, through succeeding and failing on your own. Many people would say that feeding cattle successfully is one of those things. A program in northern Texas is teaching 4-H members the ropes in feeding cattle, but alleviating some of the risk through education and practical experience.

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Use testing to better manage hay shortages

Use testing to better manage hay shortages

Kelli Boylen

Progressive Cattleman

If you are facing hay shortages this winter, forage specialist Garry D. Lacefield says having your hay tested should be a top priority.

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Pasture Condition By State

Pasture Condition By State


Forty nine percent (49%) of the pasture in the United States is rated as good or excellent. This compares to 51% last week and 36% last year.

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Effects of a Freeze on Forages

Effects of a Freeze on Forages

Bruce Anderson

University of Nebraska

If you haven’t experienced a freeze yet this fall, you soon will. And remember, a freeze can cause hazards for using some forages. When plants freeze, changes occur in their metabolism and composition that can poison livestock. But you can prevent problems.

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Moldy corn and corn silages Q&A

Moldy corn and corn silages Q&A

Tracey Erickson


We have been starting to receive some reports of corn having some mold and along with some stalk rot in certain areas of the state due to the cool and wetter growing conditions this past year.

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Brewers, farmers hopping mad over FDA plan

Brewers, farmers hopping mad over FDA plan

The Bradford Era

Colin Deppen

Local brewers and farmers are hopping mad over a federal food safety proposal that would restrict brewing byproducts doubling as livestock feed, saying the generations-old practice is economically and environmentally-sound as well as proven harmless.

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NCBA upset with proposal on beef imports from Brazil, Argentina

NCBA upset with proposal on beef imports from Brazil, Argentina

Ken Anderson

Brownfield Network

Some members of Congress are calling for an investigation into a proposal by USDA to allow importation of fresh and frozen beef and live cattle from regions of Argentina and Brazil known to harbor foot and mouth disease (FMD).

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