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Plant extracts to increase bodyweight in beef cattle

Plant extracts to increase bodyweight in beef cattle

All About Feed

Specific micro-encapsulated blends of plant extracts naturally occurring in cinnamon, cloves and chilli pepper extracts have been shown to have beneficial effects in beef cattle, research from Pancosma showed.

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Can cattle be “fattened up” on pasture without grain supplementation?

Can cattle be “fattened up” on pasture without grain supplementation?

Jack Kyle

 Canadian Cattleman

With increased interest in grass-fed beef, people ask if it is possible to fatten cattle on pasture without grain supplementation. The answer is yes, with a few conditions. When grass finishing animals remember that the market is generally not looking for as much fat cover as normally found on grain-finished animals.

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5 Areas Beef Producers Should Assess This Fall

5 Areas Beef Producers Should Assess This Fall

Beef Producer

Fall is a time for beef producers to assess the past growing season and prepare for the upcoming winter months. University of Missouri Extension livestock specialist, Gene Schmitz, says that evaluating the forage base and livestock performance can help identify changes that need to be made in upcoming growing seasons

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Target Noxious Weeds This Fall

Target Noxious Weeds This Fall

Mark Rosenberg

SDSU iGrow

If they have not been treated yet, now is the time to spray those perennial weeds we battle every year. Fall is an excellent time to treat Canada thistle, leafy spurge, and other noxious weeds around the farm and home. Fall control of annual weeds like crabgrass, foxtail, knotweed or purslane is unnecessary and wasteful.

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Reduce Feed Costs by Reducing Waste

Reduce Feed Costs by Reducing Waste

Loretta Sorensen

DTN/Progressive Farmer

High forage costs are pushing beef producers like Charles Ylitalo to find every possible tool to maximize hay resources. The Wisconsin cattleman has hit on a refined bale feeder design he said makes his job easier while saving hay.

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Judge dismisses lawsuit against Simmental Association

Judge dismisses lawsuit against Simmental Association

Progressive Cattleman

A federal district judge in Colorado has dismissed a lawsuit filed by seedstock producer Leachman Cattle of Colorado against the American Simmental Association (ASA) that alleged patent infringement for a calculator providing economic values on commercial calves.

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Assess Condition at Weaning

Assess Condition at Weaning

Rick Rasby

Angus Journal

Calf prices this fall will likely be the highest ever recorded. Corn price continues to trend downward, pushing calf prices up. Input costs continue to increase.

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EPDs Should Guide Purchase of Bulls

EPDs Should Guide Purchase of Bulls


"The ABC’s of EPD’s" was the title of a presentation given by Eldon Cole, a livestock specialist with University of Missouri Extension, at the recent "Field Day" held at the University of Missouri Southwest Research Center in Mt. Vernon Field Day.

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EPA, cattle advocates butt heads on proposed Waters of the US rule

EPA, cattle advocates butt heads on proposed Waters of the US rule

April Baumgarten


There are definitely two sides when it comes to the controversial Waters of the U.S. rule change proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Forage turnips: Cattle can do well on them

Forage turnips: Cattle can do well on them

Heather Smith Thomas

Progressive Forage Grower

Sometimes non-traditional crops for livestock can augment forage supplies or stretch the production on a piece of land. Turnips are a good example. Cattle readily eat them, and do very well on turnips.

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