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Seminole Brand Beefs up Florida

Seminole Brand Beefs up Florida

Wyatt Bechtel

Beef Today

The Florida beef industry has received a bad reputation over the years as not having cattle that will meet the quality demands of today’s grid marketing system. But the Seminole Tribe of Florida is aiming to change those perceptions through a branded beef program called Seminole Pride Beef.

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Pseudo-Sustainability: The Beef With Grass-Fed Beef

Pseudo-Sustainability: The Beef With Grass-Fed Beef

Patti Nyman

One Green Planet

As we become increasingly aware of the environmental impact of our food choices, we find ourselves looking for ways to minimize this impact. This can be a daunting task when we consider the prevalence of terms like “eco-friendly,” “green,” and “sustainable.” It can be difficult to distinguish between a marketing ploy and a legitimate ecological analysis.

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Cattle Castration and Dehorning Guidelines available From AABP

Cattle Castration and Dehorning Guidelines available From AABP

Bovine Veterinarian

The American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) has created Castration and Dehorning Guidelines for beef and dairy cattle. These guidelines are meant to assist veterinarians and their clients enhance the welfare of cattle on beef and dairy farms by providing information on how best to approach dehorning and castration of calves.

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Hoop Beef Systems

Hoop Beef Systems

Adele Harty


Grand Meadow Feeders and Hoop Beef Systems® was one of the first stops. With the recent land price escalation, it is more challenging for young people to “buy” into the business of beef production due to the large capital investment required and the fact that most young producers have little equity.

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Heifer management helps rebuild cow herds to produce quality beef

Heifer management helps rebuild cow herds to produce quality beef

Duane Daily


Rebuilding the U.S. cow herd numbers takes more than keeping female offspring to breed. Managing beef heifers is as important as using improved genetics in developing replacements, says David Patterson, University of Missouri.

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How A Nutritional Consultation With Your Beef Veterinarian Could Improve Your Bottom Line

How A Nutritional Consultation With Your Beef Veterinarian Could Improve Your Bottom Line

Jennifer Ryan


Fresh out of veterinary school, Gregg Hanzlicek, DVM, Ph.D., began working at a dairy-focused veterinary practice in Wisconsin. There, veterinarians were often a major resource for nutritional consulting as well as animal health. The interplay between the two allowed practitioners to help holistically address challenges.

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Injection management protects producers and consumers

Injection management protects producers and consumers

John Mayer

Progressive Cattleman

No matter what segment of the industry you’re involved in, the beef you produce becomes a family’s dinner. If you are in the cattle business, you are in the food business. Consumers today are demanding the beef they purchase be wholesome and safe. They’re also interested in how you handle and raise your cattle.

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Family’s Generosity Establishes New Red Angus Youth Scholarships

Family’s Generosity Establishes New Red Angus Youth Scholarships


Troy and Annette Presser, Presser Red Angus, Turtle Lake, N.D., have founded scholarships for youth to participate in national Junior Red Angus Association (JRA) leadership events in loving memory of their daughter, Heather. Heather was taken from her family in an ATV accident in 2012.

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Strategic protein supplementation in beef cattle

Strategic protein supplementation in beef cattle

John Mckinnon

Canadian Cattleman

There are several examples one can give where mismatches in dietary energy and protein availability in the rumen can result in poor performance. In the feedlot, a good example is the feeding of corn-based diets, a practice common to the U.S. and Eastern Canada. Corn grain is low in CP (eight to 10 per cent) and RDP (approximately 45 per cent) compared to barley (11 to 13 per cent CP of which approximately 70 per cent is RDP).

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Russian cattle producers tour Idaho

Russian cattle producers tour Idaho

Carol Ryan Dumas

Capital Press

Idaho State Department of Agriculture and Idaho cattle ranchers this week hosted Russian entrepreneurs eager to learn about western cattle production.  The Russian government has made expansion of the country’s cattle herd a priority over the past several years, and ISDA brought the Russian producers to Idaho as one of its targeted trade activities, said Laura Johnson, bureau chief of ISDA’s market development division.

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