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Baxter Black, DVM: Plant’s Rights!

Baxter Black, DVM:  Plant’s Rights!

BEWARE CONNOISSEURS! A new discovery may change the way America eats! Love your broccoli? Savor your home-grown tomatoes?

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Cover Crops, Hail, and Nitrates

Cover Crops, Hail, and Nitrates

Bruce Anderson

University of Nebraska

Cover crops are reportedly good for many purposes. They can reduce erosion, fix nitrogen, add organic matter, breakup hardpans, feed soil microbes, control weeds, and improve water infiltration.

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Brace yourself for a few surprises along the way

Brace yourself for a few surprises along the way

Miranda Reiman

Minnesota Farm Guide

"It made me mad!" That’s what a Montana rancher told me when talking about the first carcass data he ever got back. "I got tired of trying to sell them. I wasn’t willing to accept generic price when I thought I had something better," he said. "I soon learned."

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Noble Foundation releases mobile recordkeeping app

Noble Foundation releases mobile recordkeeping app

Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

As part of The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation’s focus on advancing agriculture, the organization has released a mobile recordkeeping app as part of its Junior Beef Excellence Program. The app will provide FFA and 4-H students with the ability to capture key pieces of information from the field as they raise steers for competition. While the app is designed for students, it can be used by any producer.

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White House threatens to veto bill to kill EPA water rule

White House threatens to veto bill to kill EPA water rule

Timothy Cama

The Hill

The Obama administration issued a veto threat Monday for a bill that would block the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from moving forward on a rule to redefine its jurisdiction over streams and ponds.

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Filling the Forage Gap

Filling the Forage Gap

Joann Pipkin

Angus Beef Bulletin

For farmers in southern Missouri, there aren’t many fond memories of the summer of 2012. Parched pastures dotted the landscape after an exceptionally dry summer.

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Silage Corn And Soybeans: Striking A Balance

Silage Corn And Soybeans: Striking A Balance

Neil Tietz

Hay and Forage Grower

Planting soybeans with silage corn has reduced David Harold’s fertilizer and pesticide costs, and he believes the combination crop is good for his soil. But his primary goal – to significantly increase the amount of protein he gets from his silage – wasn’t achieved in his first two years of trials.

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Effective Heifer Development Means Thinking Early & Long Term

Effective Heifer Development Means Thinking Early & Long Term

Wes Ishmael


“When heifers get pregnant is extremely important to profitability,” says Rick Funston, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) beef reproduction physiologist at the West Central Research and Extension Center in North Platte. “A cow that calves in the first cycle during her lifetime will produce the equivalent of two more calves on the same resources. That’s powerful.”

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Results begin through reproduction

Results begin through reproduction

Ethan Giebel

Progressive Cattleman

Dr. Don Coover knows reproduction is a driver of a cow-calf operation’s profitability. Marketable calves at weaning bring profit to the operation and fund the rest of the facility – and this all begins at breeding season.

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Why is 45 day weaning important to feeder calf health?

Why is 45 day weaning important to feeder calf health?

Glenn Selk


Most of the “Value-Added” calf sales require that the calves are weaned at least 45 days prior to sale date.  Some cow calf producers may wonder why the post-weaning period needs to be so lengthy.  Data from Iowa from over a nine year period in a couple of their feedout tests compared the health status of calves weaned less than 30 days to calves weaned longer than 30 days. 

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