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Controlled Breeding Season Brings Price Advantages

Controlled Breeding Season Brings Price Advantages

Becky Mills

Progressive Farmer

Lawrence Bernard used to be the kind of cattleman who let nature take its course. Years ago, he used a year-round breeding program and as a result, had near year-round calving. One benefit of this approach was he never had to pen the bull.

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USDA Tracks Desired Cattle Traits in ‘2,000 Bull Project’

USDA Tracks Desired Cattle Traits in ‘2,000 Bull Project’

Farm Futures

USDA scientists are investigating methods to help beef cattle producers further improve genetic evaluations for routinely measured traits such as growth and calving ease with the "2,000 Bull Project" at the Agricultural Research Service Roman L. Hruska U.S. Meat Animal Research Center in Clay Center, Neb.

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NCBA accepting applications for internships at the 2015 Cattle Industry Convention

NCBA accepting applications for internships at the 2015 Cattle Industry Convention

NCBA is seeking students that meet our qualifications (see below). The 2015 applications are available now!  Students will be assigned to help many different NCBA staff members with a variety of meetings and events at the convention and trade show. NCBA staff members will direct students in specific duties at meetings and events.

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Low-risk strategies for high-moisture corn

Low-risk strategies for high-moisture corn

Dan Wiersma

Progressive Forage Grower

Many livestock and dairy producers harvest high-moisture corn (HMC) to eliminate high grain drying costs and produce excellent feed for ruminant animals. HMC is harvested using a combine shortly after black-layer formation and then ground to reduce the size of the kernel particles and fermented in a silo or silage bag.

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Interested in making extra money this winter?

Interested in making extra money this winter?

Randy Kuhn

Beef Today

Why not try Backgrounding feeder cattle? "Back grounding" feeder cattle is when lighter weight cattle (350 to 550 pounders) are grown to 700 to 900 pounds over the winter.

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BQA: Pride, quality and security

BQA: Pride, quality and security

Laura Mushrush

Cattle Trader Center

We believe beef quality assurance starts at the ranch,” Dr. Mike and Anne Wirtz say. “The cattle go through the feeding period at the feedlots under the same guidelines and on to the packers so consumers can be confident that their beef is safe, healthy and wholesome.”

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Umbilical Hernias in Calves

Umbilical Hernias in Calves

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

Small hernias may only contain omentum, a lace-like tissue that covers the intestines.

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Fall Preparation to Sod-seed Pastures and Hay Meadows

Fall Preparation to Sod-seed Pastures and Hay Meadows

Bruce Anderson

University of Nebraska

Pastures and hay meadows provide higher quality feed, are more productive, and cheaper to grow if they have good forage legumes growing in them. Nitrogen fertilizer is expensive, so expensive it’s difficult to justify fertilizing pastures. So instead, let’s grow our own N.

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Ray Rice Incident Underscores To Cattle Industry The Power Of Video

Ray Rice Incident Underscores To Cattle Industry The Power Of Video

Troy Marshall


One of the biggest national stories of late in the sports world is the indefinite suspension of Ray Rice from the National Football League (NFL). The penalty came down after a video surfaced showing the Baltimore Ravens running back punching his fiancé, who is now his wife, in an elevator of an Atlantic City casino.

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Sexing Technologies sues ABS Global for fraud, contract breach

Sexing Technologies sues ABS Global for fraud, contract breach

Progressive Cattleman

Inguran LLC (doing business as Sexing Technologies), a provider of sex sorted semen products and services, has filed suit against bull stud giant ABS Global Inc. for fraud and breach of a long-term semen sorting services contract.

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