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Baxter Black, DVM: The Trusty Toyota

Baxter Black, DVM: The Trusty Toyota

Gerrall Wayne does his best to keep his old Toyota quarter-ton irrigator pickup in presentable condition. But he’s not afraid to put his ol’ truck to the test.

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Forages the Foundation of Strong Conception Rates

Forages the Foundation of Strong Conception Rates

Becky Mills

Progressive Farmer

Obviously your cows need to get pregnant if you’re going to have calves to sell. With input costs and overhead to figure, the more calves per herd the lower your overall cost of production. It’s simple economics.

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Drought effect on cow pregnancies studied

Drought effect on cow pregnancies studied

Jane Moorman

Albuquerque Journal

During drought, having cattle that can tolerate poor nutritional forage is the difference between a cow and calf operation going under, or staying in business. Pregnant cows have a harder time during drought because they are eating for two. If they are not able to consume and digest the required nutrients during pregnancy,

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Studying how and why parasites affect performance

Studying how and why parasites affect performance

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

It is well documented that infections with internal parasites can reduce weight gains, feed efficiency and reproductive performance in cattle, but just why different parasites have evolved to affect or manipulate their hosts in different ways is unclear.

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Protect Your Hay Investment with These 4 Storage Tips

Protect Your Hay Investment with These 4 Storage Tips

Beef Producer

Preventing shrink losses in bunkers and storage systems should be a top priority for beef and livestock producers this fall, says South Dakota State University Extension Forages Field Specialist Karla Hernandez.

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U.S. Cattle Herd Follows Rainfall, Co-Products

U.S. Cattle Herd Follows Rainfall, Co-Products

Cheryl Anderson


In recent years, the U.S. cattle herd has been migrating to the Midwest, as producers seek relief from drought areas that have inadequate ponds and pastures to supply the same amount of cattle.

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Cost Of Developing 2014 Heifer Calves Will Be Record High

Cost Of Developing 2014 Heifer Calves Will Be Record High

Harlan Hughes


With cattle prices up and feed costs down, many producers outside the major drought areas are contemplating holding back additional replacement heifers from their 2014 calf crop. But what are the economics of doing so?

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Do you understand today’s meat labels?

Do you understand today’s meat labels?

Fox News

Today’s modern bovine is quality-controlled from before birth to beyond the packing line with specific cuts of meat making their way across the globe in mere hours. And with more access to beef than ever before, healthy consumers are beginning to take an interest in how the cow they are eating was actually raised, pushing the farm-to-table movement right out into the open pasture.

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The five principles of grazing management

The five principles of grazing management

Scott Jensen

Progressive Cattleman

Common to many cattle producers around the world is the fear of wasting grass. “No blade left behind” could be a resounding chorus. What many producers fail to understand is that what they leave behind is more important than what they take.

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Dehorning Trial Suggests Tipping Is Best Compromise

Dehorning Trial Suggests Tipping Is Best Compromise

Beef Producer

The best practices for dehorning stocker and feedlot cattle continues to be in question. A recent study suggests horn tipping may be the solution.

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