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Registration papers can add value even during high prices

Registration papers can add value even during high prices

Cassidy Woolsey         

Progressive Cattleman

Similar to a title of a truck, registration papers can provide producers with important background information to assist in cattle management. The animal’s specific performance records, heritable traits and lineage can be traced for improved selecting and breeding. A registration certificate has the potential to add value to the animal and its offspring.

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Stanley Stout Center serves as multipurpose facility

Stanley Stout Center serves as multipurpose facility
Kansas State University

Just over a year after opening its doors, Kansas State University’s Stanley Stout Center is proving it’s more than just a livestock marketing facility. In March 2013, the building opened its doors with a dedication ceremony in honor of its namesake, longtime livestock auctioneer and K-State supporter Stanley Stout, who died in 2006.

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The case for low-stress livestock handling

The case for low-stress livestock handling

Whit Hibbard

Bovine Veterinarian

Stockmanship is an under-appreciated and under-utilized component of operating sustainable livestock operations and just one essential component is low-stress livestock handling (LSLH). We need to ask why.

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Fly Control Requires A Little “Ugly” In Our Pastures

Fly Control Requires A Little "Ugly" In Our Pastures

R. P. "Doc" Cooke

Beef Producer

Recently I threw together some thoughts concerning fly control that I have learned over the past several decades. This led me to remember that highly profitable and efficient pastures require some ugly.

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No Cheap Tickets

No Cheap Tickets

Wes Ishmael

Angus Journal

"Increasing land values make landowners wealthy, but they make it prohibitive for young ranchers to enter the sector without equity contribution from parents or off-ranch income,” says James McGrann

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Compromised Animals

Compromised Animals

Rob Eirich

University of Nebraska

Cattle producers have long recognized the need of proper husbandry and stewardship for the animals entrusted into their care. Good livestock production practices, based on research and sound science, are known to impact the well-being, animal health, and productivity of cattle.

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Buckeyes4Beef campus event

Buckeyes4Beef campus event

Dave Russell


The Collegiate Cattlewomen’s Club at the Ohio State University, a new campus organization isn’t wasting any time in becoming involved. Sierra Jepsen says on September 12 and 13 they’ll be hosting Buckeyes4Beef on the Columbus campus.

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Grass-Fed vs. Feedlot Beef – What’s the difference?

Grass-Fed vs. Feedlot Beef – What’s the difference?

Eat Local

If asked, most people could not tell you where the meat on their plate came from. In fact, if they wanted to know, it would be darned difficult – if not impossible – to find out.

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Cattle Optimism: Is The New ‘Animal Era’ Just Beginning?

Cattle Optimism: Is The New ‘Animal Era’ Just Beginning?

Jeff Caldwell


The news continues to be laced with doom and gloom for U.S. crop farmers. But, there’s a silver lining to the cloud over the currently bearish corn and soybean markets, and it’s emanating over the livestock sector, namely for beef cattle.

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