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BeefTalk: Yes, the Shorthorns Have New EPDs

BeefTalk: Yes, the Shorthorns Have New EPDs

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

Summer is an off time to discuss bull data. However, the American Shorthorn Association’s e-newsletter arrived last week with some good, no great news. In an article, the association says it has released the new "fall multi-breed EPD’s" (expected progeny differences) compiled from the new Multi-breed Genetic Evaluation.

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Chelated Minerals-When Differences Matter

Chelated Minerals-When Differences Matter

Becky Mills

Progressive Farmer

University of Georgia animal scientists used the 216-cow herd at the Northwest Georgia Research and Education Station to see if there was a difference in the chelated versus the inorganic forms of copper, zinc and manganese.

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This Is What a Farmer Looks Like

This Is What a Farmer Looks Like

Kiera Butler

Mother Jones

During the 2013 Super Bowl, Marjorie Gayle Alaniz was captivated by a commercial for Dodge Ram trucks that featured portraits of American farmers. She couldn’t help but notice, however, that among the many farmers shown, there were only a handful of women.

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2014 World Beef Expo to be Held Sept. 26-28

2014 World Beef Expo to be Held Sept. 26-28

Beef Producer

Each year people from around the country attend World Beef Expo for a variety of cattle shows, educational seminars, youth sweepstakes contests, Showcase Sale, Supreme Drive and trade show.

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What Do Parents Owe Their Kids?

What Do Parents Owe Their Kids?

Kindra Gordon

Angus Journal

West Branch, Iowa, professional speaker and farmer Jolene Brown has a unique perspective when it comes to farm and ranch families.

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The cover crop-nitrates conundrum

The cover crop-nitrates conundrum

Bruce Anderson

Progressive Forage Grower

Cover crops are reported to be good for many purposes. They can reduce erosion, fix nitrogen, add organic matter, break up hardpan, feed soil microbes, control weeds and improve water infiltration.

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CME Group smartphone game lets students “beef up” on agriculture economics

CME Group smartphone game lets students "beef up" on agriculture economics

The Star

The CME Group futures exchange launched the app, called Risk Ranch, for tablets and smartphones as an electronic version of a board game called Commodity Carnival — first bought to state fairs in 2013 by CME and the 4-H youth organisation.

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N.D. cattle herds buck U.S. trends

N.D. cattle herds buck U.S. trends

SC Times

While the U.S. continues to lose cattle, North Dakota is moving up to the head of the herd. A U.S. Department of Agriculture study released in July revealed a nationwide cattle inventory of 95 million as of July 1.

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Nutritional Concepts for Backgrounding Calves

Nutritional Concepts for Backgrounding Calves

Karla Jenkins

University of Nebraska

Commodity prices are lower than they have been in quite some time and cattle prices are at a record high. As fall approaches, many cattle producers are considering backgrounding calves rather than selling them at weaning.

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Drought Re-shaping the Cattle Map

Drought Re-shaping the Cattle Map

Grant Gerlock


Drought is reshaping the beef map and raising the price of steak. Ranchers are moving herds from California to Colorado and from Texas to Nebraska seeking refuge from dry weather. And cattle producers in the Midwest are making the most of it.

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