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Preventing Heat Stress in Cattle Priority for Summer

Preventing Heat Stress in Cattle Priority for Summer

Cattle Today

Summer is here and so is the heat. While animal owners are sure to give pets plenty of water and shade, it is just as important for ranchers to have enough water and shade for cattle and other grazing animals.

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Beef it up at the Northeast Tennessee Beef Expo on October 9

Beef it up at the Northeast Tennessee Beef Expo on October 9

Knoxville Daily Sun

Beef cattle producers will have an opportunity to beef it up at the 2014 Northeast Tennessee Beef Expo on Thursday, October 9. The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture will host the event at the UT AgResearch and Education Center in Greeneville. Numerous educational seminars and a trade show will be featured.

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Alleviating pain in cattle suffering from lameness and following castration, dehorning

Alleviating pain in cattle suffering from lameness and following castration, dehorning

Greg Tammen


"Once meloxicam was orally administered to beef cattle prior to these common procedures, the cattle gained more weight and had slower incidence of bovine respiratory disease because it allowed them to be more comfortable and less stressed," Kukanich said.

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How Sick Are They?

How Sick Are They?

Dan Goehl, DVM

Beef Today

Fall is here, and with it comes the fall run of cattle to feedlots across the country. Many of the cattle that come in are, unfortunately, from a long distance away, with questionable weaning and vaccination status.

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Grazing After the Growing Season

Grazing After the Growing Season

Roger Gates

iGrow SDSU

Providing feed for the cowherd represents the largest expenditure in a cow-calf operation and winter feed is the single largest expense in most operations.

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Animal judging – What’s it all about?

Animal judging – What’s it all about?

Melissa Elischer

Michigan State University

From the outside, judging animals may look like an easy task. Judging is so much more than just the fifteen or so minutes youth have to evaluate the animals. It takes a great deal of time spent practicing and studying before stepping into the judging arena to understand and know what ranks one animal over another and how certain traits translate into a productive, healthy and structurally sound animal.

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Management Strategies to Reduce Stress at Weaning and Improve Calf Performance

Management Strategies to Reduce Stress at Weaning and Improve Calf Performance

Aaron Berger

University of Nebraska

This is the time of year when many cow-calf producers are weaning calves. The following are some important factors and strategies to remember when planning to wean calves.

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Pleasant, Practical Processing

Pleasant, Practical Processing

Troy Smith

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

As part of the 4th International Symposium on Beef Cattle Welfare July 16-18 in Ames, Iowa, a series of hands-on demonstrations were conducted to illustrate low-stress cattle handling, but also practical tips applicable when performing procedures on individual animals.

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Smith and Mies: A Look Back and a Look Forward

Smith and Mies: A Look Back and a Look Forward

Ellen H. Brisendine

The Cattleman

wo beef industry scientists look at how far the beef industry has come since 1991, and where it might be in 2025. In a 1991 study, a beef industry economist and the first National Beef Quality Audit (NBQA) separately identified 11 areas of beef production, from ranch to retail, that were costing producers $12 billion in lost revenue.

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Plan Ahead for Late Fall and Winter Grazing

Plan Ahead for Late Fall and Winter Grazing


Holmes County Shopper

For those livestock producers that are pasture based, August management can determine what, if any, extended season grazing will be done in the late fall to winter months. There are two main options that can be used to extend the grazing season — stockpiling perennial forages and/or planting cool season annual forages.

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