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Improve Silage Management With These Tips

Improve Silage Management With These Tips

SDSU iGrow

To ensure good storage and fermentation, Karla Hernandez, SDSU Extension Forages Field Specialist said that corn for silage should typically be harvested between 60-70 moisture. "One of the main characteristics of corn silage is that it is well-suited to preserve forage at an optimum harvest stage that maximizes energy content," Hernandez said.

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Cattle Feeding: Risky Business

Cattle Feeding: Risky Business

Miranda Reiman

Beef Today

Cattle feeders know their business is full of risks. At the 2014 Feeding Quality Forum, held last week in Kearney, Neb., and Amarillo, Texas, attendees learned more about immediate and long-term threats to profitability.

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Why I Raise Cattle

Why I Raise Cattle

Bryce Oates

Mother Eath News

I share these concerns and feel strongly about the need to transform the food system. I think Americans eat too much meat and that conventional beef production is a disaster.

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Humane treatment of cattle yields better beef — and better sales

Humane treatment of cattle yields better beef — and better sales

Steve Raabe

The Denver Post

As U.S. beef consumption continues to decline year after year, cattle producers are finding that treating their cows well still can bring in record money.

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Replacement Heifers: Raise, Buy or Sell?

Replacement Heifers: Raise, Buy or Sell?

Beef Producer

When it comes to replacement heifers in beef cattle operations, producers are faced with a dilemma: Raise them, buy them or sell them and "take the money and run," said a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service economist.

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For Cow Calf Producers- A Great Time to Be in the Cattle Business- Derrell Peel Tells All

For Cow Calf Producers- A Great Time to Be in the Cattle Business- Derrell Peel Tells All

Oklahoma Farm Report

For the cow calf end of the beef cattle industry, it’s a great time to be in the business as long as you have been able to hang onto your cow herd through the years of drought. Cattle numbers are tight and prices here in 2014 have really responded with records being broken multiple times as the year has worn on.

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California kicks off the fall bull market

California kicks off the fall bull market

Dr. Bob Hough

Western Livestock Journal

The fall bull selling season is about to be in full swing starting with the early sales in California. Obviously, California has been dealt a tough hand in the last few years with a severe drought, which has caused cow numbers to decline.

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Haying equipment: What happens in the baler’s belly?

Haying equipment: What happens in the baler’s belly?

Progressive Forage Grower

If a baler were a cow, we could install a cannula into the baler’s belly and watch the internal action. We could install cameras in the throat, the rumen and the nether parts – or the correlating baler parts, such as at the pick-up teeth, the knotter, the cutter, the plunger, and all the way out to the loader and truck.

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More Grass, Same Acres?

More Grass, Same Acres?

Bethany Johnson

University of Nebraska

Is it possible to increase the amount of grass produced in the same pasture? The answer is "maybe". Your semi-arid rangeland may have room to improve.

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Fall weed control helps boost pasture and rangeland potential

Fall weed control helps boost pasture and rangeland potential

Progressive Cattleman

Weed control generally is more effective on perennial plants later in the season as they move carbohydrates to roots for winter storage. “When applied in fall, herbicides can be readily transported to the roots of perennial plants,” explains Matt McGowin, DuPont crop protection range and pasture specialist for Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama from the Southern Region.

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