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Evaluate Your Beef Cow’s Udder Health

Evaluate Your Beef Cow’s Udder Health

Steve Huntzicker

University of Wisconsin

As we begin thinking about weaning calves and deciding which cows might need culling, udder quality and condition are one factor that should be taken in to consider.

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Pulmotil® VFD Feed Additive, “Micotil® in a Bag”

Pulmotil® VFD Feed Additive, “Micotil® in a Bag”

Dee Griffin

University of Nebraska

All antibiotic feed additives that are medically important to humans in any way would lose usage intended for production purposes such as improved weight gain and/or improved feed efficiency.

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Make quality hay even when the sun doesn’t shine.

Make quality hay even when the sun doesn’t shine.

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

This season’s moderate to heavy rainfall from the Midwest and Ohio Valley to the central Appalachians and Carolinas has presented numerous challenges for farmers putting up hay. The added moisture has prevented plant maturity and cutting at the proper time.

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Southeastern States Band Together to Tackle Issues

Southeastern States Band Together to Tackle Issues

Lisa Bryant

Cattle TOday

One small voice can easily be ignored. When that sound is amplified with more than 50,000 other voices, a powerful alliance demands attention. Ten years ago, several state cattlemen’s leaders noticed a need for a unified front and developed the Southeastern Livestock Network (SLN).

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Forrest Roberts on Increasing Beef Checkoff- We Need More Checkoff Dollars- State or Federal- Not Less

Forrest Roberts on Increasing Beef Checkoff- We Need More Checkoff Dollars- State or Federal- Not Less

Oklahoma Farm Report

Efforts to possibly double the current federally authorized dollar per head checkoff continues- and Forrest Roberts, Chief Executive Officer of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, believes that progress has been made in moving closer to that second dollar to spend on promotion, research and education on behalf of cattle producers.

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The hidden costs of sub-clinical BRD

The hidden costs of sub-clinical BRD

John Maday


When calves are pulled and treated for bovine respiratory disease (BRD) in a feedyard or backgrounding operation, or when calves die from the disease, the costs to the operation are fairly well defined. However, animals with BRD that remain undetected and untreated can result in significant losses in terms of performance and carcass value.

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Vesicular Stomatitis cases on the rise

Vesicular Stomatitis cases on the rise

Traci Eatherton

Western Livestock Journal

Both Texas and Colorado have seen a surge in Vesicular Stomatitis (VS) cases this summer, and that has local and state official watching animal movement a little closer. The numbers have surpassed 200 in both states, with primarily horses making the list, but the two states now have added cattle to the numbers of infected.

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