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How to look for lameness

How to look for lameness

Connie Larson  

Impacting all segments of the beef industry, lameness is an important issue in feedlot cattle. Being both an animal well-being concern as well as a health issue, it is often more prevalent than beef producers recognize.

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Hoop beef systems

Hoop beef systems


Tri State Neighbor

The beefSD Class 2 participants recently completed a bus tour that had stops in Eastern South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota. The group had the opportunity to tour multiple production systems and learn more about the marketing components of the beef industry on a global scale.

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Droughts prod beef business northward to Nebraska, Iowa

Droughts prod beef business northward to Nebraska, Iowa

Russell Hubbard

Omaha World-Herald

Drought in Texas and Oklahoma is driving the cattle raising and meatpacking business north to Nebraska and Iowa, according to a report published Monday by industry website Meatingplace.com.

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