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Baxter Black, DVM:  It’s a Wonder You Weren’t Killed!

Baxter Black, DVM:  It’s a Wonder You Weren’t Killed!

When you hear cowboys tellin’ stories, it’s common for a listener to say, “It’s a wonder you weren’t killed!”

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Summer Pneumonia Hitting Calves Hard

Summer Pneumonia Hitting Calves Hard

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Whether it’s called summer pneumonia or preweaning pneumonia, respiratory disease in beef calves is a leading cause of illness and death. Russ Daly, Extension veterinarian with South Dakota State University, said ongoing research into preweaning Bovine Respiratory Disease complex (BRD) is yielding clues about risk factors. But he added it remains difficult to pin down ways to prevent the disease.

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Bovine Temperament: A Feedlot Focus

Bovine Temperament: A Feedlot Focus

Kansas State University

As a new load of weaned calves enters the feedlot, workers prepare to process the calves upon arrival. Processing would likely include vaccinating these calves to prevent respiratory disease and treating them for parasites, among other regular processing procedures. Many handlers would acknowledge that the calves with more docile, or calm, temperaments are much easier and safer to process.

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Creep Feeding Economics in 2014

Creep Feeding Economics in 2014


The cow-calf game has certainly changed in the last 12 months, and it’s no doubt been a fun ride. Our memories of a bitterly cold winter and record-high commodity prices in prior years quickly fade every time we check the markets on our smart phones.

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Why the Toledo Disaster Matters to Farmers

Why the Toledo Disaster Matters to Farmers

Urban C. Lehner


When an algae bloom renders sectors of a lake or ocean uninhabitable by fish, environmentalists and fishermen fret but the general public snoozes. No skin off me, most people think — if they think about it at all.

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Deworming beef cattle while grazing pays off in the feedlot.

Deworming beef cattle while grazing pays off in the feedlot.

Beef Producer

Beef cattle producers can gain $40 per head when they control worms in cattle that are on pasture, according to a recent study by Iowa State University.

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Nebraska woman depicts love for show cattle with art

Nebraska woman depicts love for show cattle with art

Andrew Weeks           

Progressive Cattleman

For Amanda Raithel, a talented sketch artist living in Falls City, Nebraska, cattle are more than a job. They are her passion. She spends her working hours on the family farm with live cattle and her free time using an easel to draw the animals that she loves best. She especially enjoys them in the show ring.

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How to look for lameness

How to look for lameness

Connie Larson  

Impacting all segments of the beef industry, lameness is an important issue in feedlot cattle. Being both an animal well-being concern as well as a health issue, it is often more prevalent than beef producers recognize.

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Hoop beef systems

Hoop beef systems


Tri State Neighbor

The beefSD Class 2 participants recently completed a bus tour that had stops in Eastern South Dakota, Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota. The group had the opportunity to tour multiple production systems and learn more about the marketing components of the beef industry on a global scale.

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Droughts prod beef business northward to Nebraska, Iowa

Droughts prod beef business northward to Nebraska, Iowa

Russell Hubbard

Omaha World-Herald

Drought in Texas and Oklahoma is driving the cattle raising and meatpacking business north to Nebraska and Iowa, according to a report published Monday by industry website Meatingplace.com.

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