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Lean and Palatable?

Lean and Palatable?

Ellen H. Brisendine

The Cattleman

Certified Hereford Beef is marketing more than 50 million pounds of high quality beef each year. The branded beef marketing business is owned by the American Hereford Association.

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The year of foot rot

The year of foot rot

Tri State Livestock News

Seems like summer is rapidly evaporating, just like the ground moisture last week in the heat. Our area was a bit parched, but we received an unexpected rain shower. Unfortunately with the rain came some hail and wind.

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Mineral Management and Fly Control

Mineral Management and Fly Control

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

If other sources of salt are available as a salt block, loose mineral, supplement block or liquid feed, cattle may get their salt fix there and not consume the correct amount of product containing the mineral or medication you want to get into them. Proper dosage is essential for these products to work.

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Cost Control Comes By Planning And Managed Grazing

Cost Control Comes By Planning And Managed Grazing

Walt Davis

Beef Producer

The great Bud Williams used to stress that a grazier’s resource inventory consists of forage, livestock and money. I’ll add that the most profitable rancher, oil wells excluded, will be the one who does the best long-term job of turning forage and livestock into money.

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The Business of Bull Development

The Business of Bull Development

Dan Rieder

Simmental Register

For the past 60 years, Flying H Genetics, headquartered in Arapahoe, Nebraska, has been supplying quality seedstock to commercial breeders in the Midwest and beyond. Founded in the 1950s as Flying H Ranch by Dick Helms’s dad, its name was challenged to Flying H Genetics, after Dick took over. Today, the operation is owned by Dick and his wife, Bonnie, along with their son, Kyle, and his family

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Social Media in the Beef Industry – How You Can Benefit

Social Media in the Beef Industry – How You Can Benefit

Megan Slater

Gelbvieh World

Today, social media sites a,re not only used for people to connect with friends and family: they have become a tool for marketing, advertisement and communication for many businesses and those within the beef industry are no exception.

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Finding Long-Term Links Between Weather, Beef Cattle Production

Finding Long-Term Links Between Weather, Beef Cattle Production

Farm Futures

Decades of data kept by U.S. Department of Agriculture scientists are providing valuable information about how seasonal weather patterns affect cattle production.

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Drought, energy demand boosted prices for corn, and thus for beef

Drought, energy demand boosted prices for corn, and thus for beef

Michael Reschke


Standing in a valley with weeds up to his knees, Logan Vencel started calling his cattle. "Skiff, skiff, skiff!" he said, hand resting on the hood of his silver Ford pickup truck. "Whoop, whoop, whoop, wooo!" It’s June and it’s hot. There are spots on Vencel’s green polo shirt that have turned dark from sweat.

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Don’t ignore public perception of livestock euthanasia

Don’t ignore public perception of livestock euthanasia

Angela Bowman


Euthanasia is an uncomfortable and unfortunate reality of livestock production; however, a critical part of both veterinary medicine and livestock handling is to determine when euthanasia is necessary and how to do it humanely.

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Latest attack on beef production didn’t have much impact

Latest attack on beef production didn’t have much impact

Ken Anderson

 Brownfield Network

Last month, the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published results of a new study claiming beef production does far more damage to the environment than producing pork, poultry, eggs or dairy.

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