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Could beef soon become as expensive as lobster?

Could beef soon become as expensive as lobster?

Emily Schneider-Green

Atlanta Magazine

For Stuart Baesel, beef isn’t just what’s for dinner. It’s his livelihood. As a co-owner of one of Atlanta’s favorite barbecue joints, Community Q BBQ, Baesel relies on a consistent supply of beef to run his business.

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A Note on EPD Accuracy

A Note on EPD Accuracy

David Dodge

A Steak in Genomics

Psst… Can I let you in on a secret? All EPDs are accurate. That’s right all EPDs are accurate. EPDs are calculated using a statistical procedure called BLUP. BLUP stands for Best Linear Unbiased Prediction.

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Probiotics Reduce Shedding of Pathogenic E. coli in Cattle

Probiotics Reduce Shedding of Pathogenic E. coli in Cattle

The Beef Site

Can probiotics lower the risk of cattle and E.coli? Mary Ellen Sanders from the California Dairy Foundation finds that, in certain circumstances, research says it could.

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When is trespassing not trespassing?

When is trespassing not trespassing?

Kerry Halladay

Western Livestock Journal

The famous list of unalienable rights of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” almost read “Life, Liberty and Property” based on the philosophical roots of the country. But that political and legal heritage is being drawn into question as the Western Watersheds Project has upped the ante in an ongoing trespass lawsuit.

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“Whisper” system for BRD diagnosis

“Whisper” system for BRD diagnosis

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

One of the most challenging aspects of controlling bovine respiratory disease syndrome (BRDS) is the difficulty in diagnosing the disease, particularly in its early stages when treatment is most effective.

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NMSU develops new food supplement to help digestive system in cattle

NMSU develops new food supplement to help digestive system in cattle

Jane Moorman

Deming Headlight

Pregnant cows have a harder time during drought because they are eating for two. If they are not able to consume and digest the required nutrients during pregnancy, calf development can be negatively influenced, which in turn has an impact on the dollars in the cattle producer’s bank account.

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Scientists Find Tick Bites Can Cause an Allergy to Red Meat

Scientists Find Tick Bites Can Cause an Allergy to Red Meat

Libby Durst

Cattle Today

Jerome Goddard, medical entomologist with the Mississippi State University Extension Service, said the lone star tick species carries a sugar that can be transmitted through its bite. The transmission of the sugar may cause people to become allergic to red meat.

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Seven Steps to Profit

Seven Steps to Profit

Miranda Reiman

Angus Journal

What producers do on the ranch sets the stage for value at the feedlot and all the way to the consumer.

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Cattle Lameness: Feet and Leg Problems

Cattle Lameness: Feet and Leg Problems

David t. Bechtol, DVM

The Cattleman

There are several causes of lameness in beef cattle and lameness should be taken seriously because lame cattle don’t gain weight as efficiently as sound cattle and have significantly reduced body condition scores in comparison to sound cattle.

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Harmful Algal Blooms – Are My Cattle in Danger?

Harmful Algal Blooms – Are My Cattle in Danger?

Michelle Arnold, DVM

The Stock Exchange

Water is the most critical factor in the diet of cattle and during hot and dry weather, it is especially important to monitor water quality. Harmful algal blooms (HABs) can reduce water quality and intake, and are potentially toxic to livestock.

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