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BRD scoring for timely diagnosis

BRD scoring for timely diagnosis

John Maday

Bovine Veterinarian

In limiting losses from Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD), early diagnosis and appropriate treatment play a major role in success. During the BRD conference taking place in Denver this week, several presentations outlined new diagnostic tools, some involving emerging technologies and others simply making better use of existing diagnostic techniques.

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New technologies needed for increasing livestock production

New technologies needed for increasing livestock production

Sarah Muirhead

Feedstuffs Foodlink

In the next 30 years, the world’s population is projected to grow by nearly 2 billion and will become more urbanized, with a more skilled workforce. The good news is that global prosperity and affluence will increase.

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UGA Using Stockmen to Tend Cattle Herd

UGA Using Stockmen to Tend Cattle Herd

Beef Today

If you don’t think they’re serious about sustainability out at the University of Georgia’s J. Phil Campbell Sr. Research and Education Center in Oconee County, then you haven’t seen the revolutionary, yet old-fashioned, way they’re tending their cattle herd.

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Sanitation of facilities, vehicles as part of a biosecurity plan

Sanitation of facilities, vehicles as part of a biosecurity plan

Joe Smith

Progressive Cattleman

Biosecurity is a combination of many practices related to the protection of the agricultural industries. They range from everyday practices, such as the routine cleaning and disinfection of materials and facilities, to national policies regarding disease eradication and surveillance.

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Capture Value in Marketing Feeder Calves

Capture Value in Marketing Feeder Calves

Gelbvieh World

As the time for marketing feeder calves approaches there are several things to consider when getting ready to sell these calves to ensure the most value is received for them.

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Beef is heart friendly diet option

Beef is heart friendly diet option

Logan Hawkes

Southwest Farm Press

Nutrition scientists at Penn State say eating lean beef can reduce health risks including high blood pressure and heart disease.

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Why I Prefer Moving Cattle With A Horse Rather Than An ATV

Why I Prefer Moving Cattle With A Horse Rather Than An ATV

Troy Marshall

Beef Magazine

Disposition is highly heritable and the industry has put tremendous selection pressure upon this important trait. If you couple that progress with improved cattle handling practices and facilities, the days of stampedes and wild cows seem to be essentially over.

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2014 Is A Year To Boost Calf Sale Weights

2014 Is A Year To Boost Calf Sale Weights

W. Mark Hilton


With today’s stellar feeder-calf prices, is this a good year to “take the money and run” at weaning time, or can you increase your profit by adding weight to your calves before sale day? Let’s look at an example in which I have 526-lb. steers at weaning.

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Vesicular Stomatitis

Vesicular Stomatitis

Colorado State University

Vesicular stomatitis is a viral disease that primarily affects cattle, horses, swine and occasionally sheep and goats. Humans can also become infected with vesicular stomatitis when handling affected animals.

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Increasing cow herd, beef production are focus of roundtable

Increasing cow herd, beef production are focus of roundtable

Gothenburg Times

The 2014 High Plains Nutrition & Management Roundtable will be hosted Aug. 28 at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln West Central Water Research Field Laboratory near Brule.

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