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A shameless foodie & her ranching dad sit down for a medium-rare opportunity

A shameless foodie & her ranching dad sit down for a medium-rare opportunity

Darby Minow Smith


My family loves beef — especially our own. I can taste sweet notes of alfalfa that we spend all summer watering, growing, and cutting; the meadow grasses we pasture our cattle on provide their own subtle herbaceous flavors. Our pride goes beyond flavor. My father, along with our whip-smart ranch manager and his hard-working daughter, work seven days a week on the Lazy T Ranch to raise 450 head of cattle.

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Speaker says public wants trust in animal welfare, not data

Speaker says public wants trust in animal welfare, not data

Progressive Cattleman

Speaking at the fourth International Cattle Welfare Symposium in Ames, Iowa, on July 17, David Daley, dean of the College of Agriculture at California State University – Chico, said today’s consumers want to know they’re buying meat, milk and eggs from producers taking care of their animals, but their concerns aren’t resolved by science.

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Area ranchers try nontraditional approaches to raising cattle in Florida

Area ranchers try nontraditional approaches to raising cattle in Florida


Florida Weekly

It isn’t easy raising cattle in Florida. Nearly all of the calves born on a ranch don’t get to stay more than about a year before they’re shipped off to parts west. It’s one of the challenges facing the state’s thriving cattle industry.

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Stockpiling winter pasture techniques for beef cattle

Stockpiling winter pasture techniques for beef cattle

David Davis

Central Kentucky News

Stockpiling fall and winter pastures is accomplished when producers omit the late summer harvest of hay or pasture, allow the fields to grow, and then graze those fields in the late fall or early winter months. Benefits of implementing this management practice include reduced feeding costs, and having access to high quality pasture in the late fall or winter months.

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UNL field lab to host animal management event

UNL field lab to host animal management event


The High Plains Nutrition and Management Roundtable is scheduled for Aug. 28. This year’s event will focus on cow herd size and beef production.

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Foot Rot in Grazing Cattle

Foot Rot in Grazing Cattle

John G. Kirkpatrick, DVM, David Lalman, PhD

Oklahoma State University

Foot rot is a subacute or acute necrotic (decaying) infectious disease of cattle, causing swelling and lameness in one or more feet. The disease can become chronic, with a poorer prognosis for recovery if treatment is delayed, which results in deeper structures of the toe becoming affected.

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That’s Nice – But I Raise Cows

That’s Nice – But I Raise Cows

Dave Daley

Gelbvieh World

I am somewhat disappointed that we are continually revisiting the topic of crossbreeding in commercial beef production-and actually debating the merits of the practice. Crossbreeding is not a new concept. Unfortunately, it seems that this topic continues to fester, simply because we refuse to look al the issue objectively.

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Heterosis and Feed Efficiency in Beef Cattle

Heterosis and Feed Efficiency in Beef Cattle

Jackie Atkins, Ph.D.


There are stacks of scientific articles with evidence of improved growth and performance in crossbred cattle. Feed efficiency is a relatively new trait of study and more difficult to measure. Therefore, understanding the role of heterosis in feed efficiency traits is not as well understood.

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The Effect of Retail Beef Prices

The Effect of Retail Beef Prices

Ed Creason

Maine Anjou Voice

What effects retail beef prices? What do high retail prices effect? Are these prices affect ed by beef producers? Are beef producers affected by these prices? We know That inputs, supply, demand, exports, imports and other factors affect beef prices. Retail beef prices are at an all-time high along with retail pork prices. How does is effect the consumer that is purchasing beef a pork? What is causing these record high prices? Let s take a look at some of the things that are having an impact on these prices.

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Is she bred, Doc?

Is she bred, Doc?

Rebecca Mettler

American Red Angus Magazine

“Will she give me a calf or is she open?” This is one of the most important – and profit-related – questions beef cattle producers ask themselves. And knowing the answer sooner, rather than later, can easily justify the cost of pregnancy ultrasound in a beef herd.

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