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Newborn Calf Care Is Money in the Bank

Newborn Calf Care Is Money in the Bank

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

For Brian Marshall, the clock starts the minute a new calf hits the ground. Within the first four or five hours, this Missouri producer makes sure newborns are given an immunity-building bolus to head off scours and pneumonia, and lessen stress.

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Heat Stress and the Diet

Heat Stress and the Diet

Alvaro Garcia


Heat is produced as a result of microbial fermentation in the rumen. Low quality, stemmy forages generate more heat of fermentation inside the animal, contributing to the animal’s total heat load. Heat is used to maintain body temperature when ambient temperatures are low (below 40 F).

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Weaning Techniques for Beef Calves

Weaning Techniques for Beef Calves

Dr. Ron Gill, Dr. Bruce Carpenter

Texas AgriLife

Weaning is the most stressful time a calf will experience. It has been well documented that health problems such as bovine respiratory disease (pneumonia, “shipping fever” etc. ) usually begins with stress at weaning. For this reason, all preconditioning programs begin with attempts to minimize stress at weaning.

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Warts in Cattle: Cause and Cure

Warts in Cattle: Cause and Cure

Rachel Endecott

The Beef Site

Cattle warts are caused by six strains of a virus which associate to different body areas, according Rachel Endecott, Beef Specialist at Montana State University.

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Quick Tips For Easier Calf Weaning

Quick Tips For Easier Calf Weaning

Wes Ishmael


A healthy calf is the first step to a profitable cowherd, and one of the biggest challenges cattle must overcome is weaning. Here are tips for a stree-free weaning in your cowherd.

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What Should I Do With My Calves?

What Should I Do With My Calves?

Beef Northwest

That is a common question the last couple of months for people who haven’t yet sold their calves this fall. The market is tough and doesn’t show much mercy for those that still own their calves.

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Hay Sells Well Through Facebook

Hay Sells Well Through Facebook

Hay and Forage Grower

Andrew and Jessica Clarkson, pictured with their recent addition, Anna, use Facebook to help market their horse hay. A group Facebook page built last year to spur hay sales in the Twin Cities’ area has done just that, says John Strohfus, the Hastings, MN, horse-hay grower who started it.

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19 Phrases That Have a Totally Different Meaning to Livestock People

19 Phrases That Have a Totally Different Meaning to Livestock People

Rachel Cutrer

Ranch House Designs

Livestock people have a language all their own. Be honest, how many times have your friends laughed at you for talking openly about buying semen. Or better yet, had Siri correct your words because she has no idea how to spell Simmental heifer.

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Myron Edelman to Lead American Gelbvieh Association

Myron Edelman to Lead American Gelbvieh Association


American Gelbvieh Association President Rob Arnold and the Board of Directors would like to announce the hiring of Myron Edelman, Douglas, Wyo., as its executive director. Edelman officially begins his responsibilities August 1 and will be located at the Association’s headquarters office in Westminster, Colo.

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The fork in the road

The fork in the road

Chandler Keys

Cattle Trader Center

This autumn will mark the 30th anniversary of deliberations leading up to the 1985 Farm Bill.  That legislation was noteworthy for several changes in government agricultural policy but most memorable for those of us in the cattle industry was the provision for a national beef checkoff mandated by the federal government.

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