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Genomics enhance beef cattle breeding

Genomics enhance beef cattle breeding

Duane Dailey

University of Missouri

Selecting breeding animals on how they look, by phenotype, worked for centuries. Progress in improving cattle was made just on appearance. Now genotype pushes phenotype back to horse-and-buggy days. It’s data and what’s inside that counts.

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In modern-day Kansas, cowboys practice ancient art of roundup

In modern-day Kansas, cowboys practice ancient art of roundup


The Kansas City Star

It’s that time of year — late July, the shipping season — when the Flint Hills cowboys saddle up. Meet the modern-day wrangler: Betts and 10 other cowboys and cowgirls commenced this roundup at the first break of light.

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National Beef Additive Alert™ Reacts to UNL Zilmax Cattle Health Safety Study

National Beef Additive Alert™ Reacts to UNL Zilmax Cattle Health Safety Study


Beef Additive Alert™ remains greatly concerned about animal welfare despite a small-scale University of Nebraska at Lincoln and USDA study finding “no noticeable detrimental effect” to Zilmax-fed cattle.

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Mob Grazing: A Tool, Not A Master Plan

Mob Grazing: A Tool, Not A Master Plan

Fae Holin

Hay and Forage Grower

According to a recent Wisconsin survey questioning producers who practice some form of mob grazing, their cattle stock densities average from 50,000 to 200,000 lbs of cattle live weight per acre.

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CattleFax’ Topper Thorpe To Receive Industry Achievement Award

CattleFax’ Topper Thorpe To Receive Industry Achievement Award


There is no man more associated with the words "cattle market" than Topper Thorpe, who left his mark on the industry during a 32-year tenure with CattleFax. His contributions and leadership will be noted as Thorpe receives the Feeding Quality Forum Industry Achievement Award in August.

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What are ‘ag gag’ laws?

What are ‘ag gag’ laws?

Tiffany Dowell

Progressive Cattleman

Recently, farm protection statutes, known in the media as “ag gag” laws, have been in the news across America. The details of each law vary by state, but they generally prohibit a person from taking unauthorized photography or videos of an agricultural operation, making doing so a criminal misdemeanor offense.

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Where’s the beef? Famous Dallas family bets on Texas-raised Wagyu

Where’s the beef? Famous Dallas family bets on Texas-raised Wagyu

Teresa Gubbins

Culture Map

The family behind the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas is expanding its empire into beef: Rosewood Ranches, a subsidiary of the Caroline Hunt Trust Estate, has partnered with Jack Rose Cattle Company to release a new line called Rosewood Texas-raised Wagyu beef.

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Grandin concerned with ‘biological overload’

Grandin concerned with ‘biological overload’

Ken Anderson

Brownfield Network

Animal handling expert Temple Grandin delivered some good news at the International Symposium on Beef Cattle Welfare in Ames, Iowa. Grandin says she’s seen big improvements in cattle handling at ranches and feedlots across the country. 

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Cattle shed because of genetics, environment

Cattle shed because of genetics, environment

David Burton

Springfield News-Leader

It is summertime in the Ozarks, and the temperature and humidity are rising. That can spell trouble for beef cattle that still haven’t shed off their winter coats, according to Eldon Cole, a livestock specialist with University of Missouri Extension.

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Investing in the future of the beef industry

Investing in the future of the beef industry

Pete Bonds

North Texas e-News

The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) recently announced Texas cattle producers voted to establish a state-level Beef Checkoff program. The referendum passed with broad support, and I believe this a positive step forward for the Texas beef industry.

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