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Consider Storing Distillers Grains for Fall and Winter Use

Consider Storing Distillers Grains for Fall and Winter Use

University of Nebraska

Consider Storing Distillers Grains for Fall and Winter Use imageThere has been a major price reduction recently for wet, modified and dried distillers grains.  This price move may encourage producers to consider purchasing and storage of these products for use either as a protein or energy source during the upcoming fall and winter. 

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Insecticide Impregnated Cattle Ear Tags

Insecticide Impregnated Cattle Ear Tags

Lee Townsend

University of Kentucky

Insecticide-impregnated cattle ear tags release small amounts of an insecticide which are distributed over the animal during grooming or rubbing. In general, ear tags have provided excellent, long term control of horn flies and a reduction in face fly numbers.

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Capture value in marketing feeder calves

Capture value in marketing feeder calves

Tri State Livestock News

As the time for marketing feeder calves approaches there are several things to consider when getting ready to sell these calves to ensure the most value is received for them. Overall health of the animals is very important and documented health protocols are important to the buyer who is purchasing the feeder cattle.

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Speaker provides insight for agriculture industry

Speaker provides insight for agriculture industry

Kylene Scott

High Plains Journal

Jay Lehr encouraged attendees at the Protein Producers Summit in Colorado Springs, Colorado, during mid-June to tell their stories to those not involved in agriculture.

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Mixed emotions in the beef industry

Mixed emotions in the beef industry

Derrell S. Peel


The beef industry is experiencing a wide range of emotions at the current time.  The level of excitement is obvious as cattle and beef prices have pushed even beyond record levels of earlier this year.

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Beware, not all cattle rustlers are men

Beware, not all cattle rustlers are men

Lauren Purdy


In Columbus, Nebraska a couple is reeling after being taken for more than $15,000. A 22-year old Lyons woman, Rebecca Robbins, allegedly stole 35 cows and 40 calves that did not belong to her, in an attempt to sell them to prospective buyers.

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Partnerships create value

Partnerships create value

Nicole Lane

Bovine Veterinarian

As a retired small-animal Army veterinarian, Dale Williamson wasn’t comfortable fielding questions about expected progeny differences (EPDs) and genetic testing for cattle. Those questions kept coming his way, even though he didn’t know how to read bull data, let alone give advice on selection.

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Don’t rock the boat while breeding heifers

Don’t rock the boat while breeding heifers


S.L. Lake, R. Arias, P. Gunn, and G.A. Bridges

Nutrition During the 21 Days Post Breeding: Maternal recognition of pregnancy takes place around day15-17 post-insemination and that transporting animals near this time compromises conception.

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EPA: Assumptions About Clean Water Act Changes Are Ludicrous

EPA: Assumptions About Clean Water Act Changes Are Ludicrous

Tyne Morgan


John Barrett is a Texas farmer and environmental steward. He cares for his land so that it’s here for generations to come. Now he fears removing the word "navigable" out of the Clean Water Act could prohibit him from doing his job.

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Final steps for animal disease traceability in Indiana

Final steps for animal disease traceability in Indiana

Meghan Grebner

Brownfield Network

Animal Disease Traceability is one stop closer in Indiana.  Indiana State Veterinarian Dr. Bret Marsh says the changes to Indiana’s livestock identification and documentation requirements will put Hoosiers in compliance with the federal animal disease traceability rule that was implemented in 2013.

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