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Route 66 Transitions From Crops to Cattle Country in Southern Missouri

Route 66 Transitions From Crops to Cattle Country in Southern Missouri

Chris Clayton


As Route 66 breaks out of the St. Louis suburbs and meanders southwest across Missouri, the corn and soybeans that dominated in Illinois give away to pasture and grazing cattle.

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Calf health in the shadow of drought

Calf health in the shadow of drought

Lyndee Stabel

CAB Partners

For any feedyard, fall is a challenging time. Calves coming in when weather is widely variable re always at risk of health problems, and drought conditions in recent years only magnified the issue. Though many areas have seen some relief, his summer has cattlemen wary of lingering effects and what else the coming season will bring.

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Set Up For Cafeteria-Style Free-Choice Minerals

Set Up For Cafeteria-Style Free-Choice Minerals

Jim Elizondo

Beef Producer

I have been using the Free Choice Enterprises cafeteria-style minerals for more than 15 years with very good results in many different environments, with big and small herds. To get the best results, however, there are three things which must be correct up front.

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Monitoring Pasture Condition? UNL Extension has an App for That!

Monitoring Pasture Condition? UNL Extension has an App for That!

Beef Today

Ranchers are accustomed to checking cattle, wells, and mineral supplements to keep tabs on their operation. But what about the grass? Monitoring the condition of pastures is just as important, say UNL Extension experts. And now there’s an app for that.

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Nixon turns his back on Missouri Farmers; Vetos Bi-Partisan Agriculture Legislation

Nixon turns his back on Missouri Farmers; Vetos Bi-Partisan Agriculture Legislation

The Missouri Times

“Today is a dark day for Missouri Farmers and property owners as a result of Governor Nixon’s deliberate decision to ignore Missouri’s number one industry in favor of lobbyists and attorneys in Jefferson City.” Said Representative Casey Guernsey, author of HB 1326, the ‘Missouri Dairy Revitalization Act’ and Chairman of the House Agriculture Business Committee.

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Belted Galloway Cattle

Belted Galloway Cattle

Red Orbit

The Belted Galloway is a breed of beef cattle developed in Galloway, Scotland. The exact origin is unknown, but the white belt of the breed sets it apart from the native black Galloway. Which may be a result of being crossed with the Dutch Lakenvelder belted cattle.

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Texas Beef Checkoff Program Approved

Texas Beef Checkoff Program Approved

Coleman Chronicle Democrat Voice

The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) today announced Texas beef producers have voted to establish a state-level Beef Checkoff program, which was approved by a wide margin of 66.79 percent of voters. Overall, 33.21 percent of voters opposed the measure. TDA conducted this referendum upon petition by cattle industry organizations under the authorities designated by the Texas Legislature.

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Flies Can Impact Summertime Beef Cattle Production

Flies Can Impact Summertime Beef Cattle Production

Edward Pruss

Penn State

High populations of different flies can have a negative impact on the productivity and profitability of beef cattle enterprises. Learn how to minimize the impact they have on your herd.

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Here are some tips for beef, forage producers to consider

Here are some tips for beef, forage producers to consider

Baxter Bulletin

Reports of corn crop conditions and the effects of acreage and crop condition begin to influence the corn market this time of year. Commodity feeds are influenced greatly by the corn market

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Trace minerals for beef cattle

Trace minerals for beef cattle

Brandon Sears

The Richmond Register

Grazing livestock require many different nutrients to support growth, milk production and body-tissue maintenance. Often, minerals are separated into two categories. The minerals that are required in relatively large amounts are called major or macro minerals.

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