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TC Ranch takes on challenge of producing quality seedstock in drought

TC Ranch takes on challenge of producing quality seedstock in drought

Stephanie Smolek

The Cattle Business Weekly

Cows are out to pasture, which may mean a break for some. For Dru Uden though, rest periods are few and far between. Uden owns TC Ranch outside of Franklin, Neb. in the southcentral part of the state with his mother, Connie. Their 700 Angus seedstock cattle keep Uden and his four employees busy throughout the year.

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Steer Clear Of Foot Rot

Steer Clear Of Foot Rot

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

Foot rot in cattle can result from a long drought, followed by wet conditions

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Preparing for the show – stepping your way into success with proper clothing

Preparing for the show – stepping your way into success with proper clothing

Julie Thelen

Michigan State University

Dress for success while showing your 4-H animal project. Follow this news article series to prepare for your successful show ring experience.

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Seventh annual Tri-State Beef conference scheduled

Seventh annual Tri-State Beef conference scheduled

Phil Blevins


The seventh annual Tri-State Beef Cattle conference will be held at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Abingdon, Virginia, on August 12. This year’s conference will address topics of interest to both stocker and cow-calf producers.

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Mud can reduce cattle performance, feed efficiency

Mud can reduce cattle performance, feed efficiency

AG Week

The performance and cost of gain to background or finish cattle depends in large part on the quality of their feeding environment — as little as 4 to 8 inches of mud can reduce performance and feed efficiency by about 13 percent, says Warren Rusche, South Dakota State University Extension cow-calf field specialist.

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New Vaccine Builds BRD Immunity In Young Calves

New Vaccine Builds BRD Immunity In Young Calves

Oklahoma Farm Report

Bovine Respiratory Disease – known as BRD is a big problem for the beef cattle. BRD – as the disease is commonly called – is the leading cause of death in pre-wean calves 3 weeks or older. One company has come up with a new product that may help producers battle BRD in your youngest animals.

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Improving Fertility of the Cow Herd

Improving Fertility of the Cow Herd

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

Although we hear a lot more about growth rate and beef quality and consistency these days, reproductive efficiency is easily the most important factor determining profitability of cow-calf operations.

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Cattlemen with grass have opportunity with be

Cattlemen with grass have opportunity with beef

Robert Burns

Southwest Farm Press

If cattle producers have adequate grazing available those record high cattle and beef prices might not be too big an obstacle to overcome to rebuild herds. “’Out of sight’ is a good term for the prices,” said Dr. David Anderson, AgriLife Extension specialist in livestock and food products marketing. “And it doesn’t really matter whether we’re talking about retail prices to consumers, the wholesale beef market or at sale barns for calves and feeder steers.”

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Great Falls cattle ranchers endure drought, rising feed prices

Great Falls cattle ranchers endure drought, rising feed prices


Demand for Montana raised beef is high and cattle ranchers are enduring continued droughts and rising feed prices, according to Montana Stockgrowers Association CEO Errol Rice. Rice stated that some ranchers are downsizing their herds due to the recent droughts, which also increased feed prices.

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Mixed emotions in the beef industry

Mixed emotions in the beef industry

Derrell S. Peele


The beef industry is experiencing a wide range of emotions at the current time.  The level of excitement is obvious as cattle and beef prices have pushed even beyond record levels of earlier this year.

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