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Baxter Black, DVM:  Sundays Headed Home

Baxter Black, DVM:  Sundays Headed Home

I have been a travelin’ man a good part of my life. Most of my speakin’ jobs are Friday and Saturday nights, so Sunday means I’m usually on the road and headed home.

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The Preconditioning Conundrum

The Preconditioning Conundrum

Becky Mills

Progressive Farmer

It was April 17, and Georgia cattleman Stuart Griffin was scratching his head. "I just talked to a guy who got $1,100 for his calves at the stockyard. They were straight off the cow. I want to keep preconditioning. But what are we going to have to get to warrant holding these calves that much longer and taking that additional risk?"

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Don’t Put Away the Calving Book Just Yet

Don’t Put Away the Calving Book Just Yet


Warren Rusche

It’s only natural as the season shifts to summer to focus on the immediate tasks at hand such as harvesting feed, monitoring the cattle on pasture, and beginning to prepare for weaning calves this fall. However, summer is a great opportunity to take one more look at the calving records as a way to measure and improve herd management.

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Use of Selection Skills: Key to Success

Use of Selection Skills: Key to Success

University of Arkansas

The Animal Industry in the United States is one of the largest and most important economic sectors.  Therefore, it is imperative that we understand the type of animals that are most efficient and most valuable in production.  The subject of livestock evaluation is an important division of animal husbandry and is related, in a most vital way, to the other major divisions of feeding and breeding.

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Heat stress and beef cattle

Heat stress and beef cattle

Stephen Boyles

Ohio’s Country Journal

High temperatures raise the concern of heat stress on cattle. Hot weather and high humidity can reduce breeding efficiency, milk production, feed intake, weight gains, and sometime cause death. Management can be used to reduce the problem when hot and humid weather is forecast.

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Grass-fed cattle Florida’s latest environmental worry

Grass-fed cattle Florida’s latest environmental worry

Bruce Ritchie

Ocala Star Banner

Grass-fed beef is a health-food trend that’s been spreading since at least 2010, and its advocates say it also benefits the environment. The trend also is creating huge changes in the cattle industry in Florida, but not necessarily in ways that some environmentalists would like.

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Anthrax confirmed in North Dakota beef cow

Anthrax confirmed in North Dakota beef cow

Bismarck Tribune

State Veterinarian Susan Keller is urging North Dakota ranchers to make sure their livestock are vaccinated against anthrax, after the first confirmed case of the year in a Barnes County beef cow.

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Welfare and Profit Considerations Drawn From Beef Bruising Study in Texas Slaughterhouse

Welfare and Profit Considerations Drawn From Beef Bruising Study in Texas Slaughterhouse

Margaret Stephens, Chris Reinhardt, D.J. Rezac, Frank Prouty, Steve Bartle, Dave Rethorst and Dan Thomson.

The Beef Site

Beef carcass bruising causes a loss in revenue to the producer due to trim loss and can be an indication of substandard cattle management or handling. Carcasses from 18,031 feedlot beef cattle were evaluated at commercial slaughter facilities located in Kansas and Texas.

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Sweet Clover Abundance

Sweet Clover Abundance

Bruce Anderson

University of Nebraska

Have you noticed an abundance of yellow sweet clover this summer? This can be good or bad, depending on how it may affect your pastures, your hay, and your cattle.

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Fly Control/Pinkeye Prevention Needs to be Continuous

Fly Control/Pinkeye Prevention Needs to be Continuous

Jim Krantz


With the grazing season well underway, most cattlemen have strategically planned their fly control program, focused primarily on pinkeye prevention. Obviously, cow/calf comfort and increased production are always considerations of fly-control programs but anyone who has witnessed the results of a pinkeye outbreak knows the discomfort and lost performance that occur.

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