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Baxter Black, DVM: Tree Implanting

Baxter Black, DVM:  Tree Implanting

When I was a lad I remember my brother John wouldn’t go anywhere without his “blanky.”

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FDA Reports Full Acceptance of Animal Antibiotic Plan

FDA Reports Full Acceptance of Animal Antibiotic Plan

Beef Producer

Six months into its plan to phase out "medically important" antimicrobials in food animals and phase in veterinary oversight of any therapeutic use of the products, the Food and Drug Administration said Monday that all companies producing affected antimicrobials have agreed to comply.

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Rule could devastate on-farm conservation

Rule could devastate on-farm conservation

Kerry Halladay

Western Livestock Journal

By now you have certainly heard about the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) and Army Corps of Engineers’ proposed draft rule on the Waters of the U.S. (WO- TUS). It has become a lightning rod of agricultural attention for the far-reaching, disastrous effects it could have on every element of daily life on the farm or ranch.

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Six Reasons Social Media will Help your Cattle Operation

Six Reasons Social Media will Help your Cattle Operation

Lauren Chase

Beef Tips

My grandfather was a corn farmer and raised cattle in Iowa for the majority of his life. Now that he is retired, he and his fellow farming buddies head to the local coffee shop at least once a week to brag about grandkids and analyze what’s happening in society.

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New President for Livestock Marketing Association

New President for Livestock Marketing Association

Jamie Johansen


Dan Harris, owner of Holton Livestock Exchange in Holton, Kan., has been elected president of the Livestock Marketing Association (LMA). In this role, he will spend two years leading the nation’s largest membership organization representing more than 800 local livestock auction markets and allied businesses.

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Lousy little bugs: Managing lice on beef cattle

Lousy little bugs: Managing lice on beef cattle

Robert Fears

The Eagle

"Lice are an important pest because they cause anemia, lower milk production and inhibit feed efficiency and weight gain," said Sonja Swiger during the 2013 Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Beef Cattle Short Course.

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U.S. MARC Releases Across-Breed EPD Figures

U.S. MARC Releases Across-Breed EPD Figures

Larry Kuehn, Mark Thallman


The 2014 table of adjustment factors to be used to estimate across-breed expected progeny differences (AB-EPDs) for eighteen breeds was released at the Beef Improvement Federation Annual Meeting in Lincoln, NE on June 20 (see Table 1). Across-breed adjustment factors have been calculated for growth traits and maternal milk since 1993.

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Is your herd above average? Compared to what?

Is your herd above average? Compared to what?

Steve Suther

Farm and Ranch Guide

In some ways, my cowherd is average. In other ways it is above and in still others, below. Those things are true of each cow in my herd, too. That’s all part of what “average” means.

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Ag Groups Concerned About Regulation of Ditches

Ag Groups Concerned About Regulation of Ditches

Todd Neeley


As critics contend a proposed Clean Water Act rule will extend EPA’s authority over water in ditches and that the rule will be open to inconsistent enforcement, one agriculture industry representative told a House subcommittee Tuesday that at least one EPA region already is looking closely at ditches as point-sources in need of CWA permits.

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Summer Pneumonia in the Beef Herd

Summer Pneumonia in the Beef Herd

Russ Daly, DVM

South Dakota State University

Over the past several years, respiratory disease in pre-weaned calves on pasture has been increasingly identified in beef herds. These outbreaks tend to be unpredictable, occurring in well-managed herds as well as in not-so-well-managed herds.

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