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How We Count the Cows in a Pasture System is Important

How We Count the Cows in a Pasture System is Important

Beef Producer

Are you trying to make your pastures support as many animals as they did for your dad or even grandad?  Is that a wise goal? Almost weekly, Bruce Anderson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln forage specialist, hears statements like: "Dad used to graze 100 cows on this pasture all season and now I run out after four months with only 90 cows. What’s wrong with my pasture?"

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What are ‘ag gag’ laws?

What are ‘ag gag’ laws?

Tiffany Dowell  

Progressive Cattleman

Recently, farm protection statutes, known in the media as “ag gag” laws, have been in the news across America. The details of each law vary by state, but they generally prohibit a person from taking unauthorized photography or videos of an agricultural operation, making doing so a criminal misdemeanor offense.

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Calf Marketing Dilemma: To Sell or Feed?

Calf Marketing Dilemma: To Sell or Feed?

The Beef Site

This is the advice of Oklahoma cattle marketing expert Derrell S Peel, who has said that any effort put into calves could be worthwhile. High prices mean that the value of added weight gain for lightweight feeder cattle is well over $1/pound and retaining stockers a sensible option for some.

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 Don’t Like to Say I Told You So, But…

 Don’t Like to Say I Told You So, But…

Gary Truitt

Hoosier AG Today

Chipotle, a chain of Mexican restaurants, has been public enemy No. 1 for American farmers for the past 2 years.  As part of its food culture marketing campaign, Chipotle engaged in egregious name calling, fact distorting, and outright slander against the American farmer.

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Five Questions for Michael Treuth of J.W. Treuth & Sons

Five Questions for Michael Treuth of J.W. Treuth & Sons

Michael Bodley

The Baltimore Sun

J.W. Treuth & Sons has been nestled in Oella so long, Michael Treuth said no one can figure out quite when the family-owned slaughterhouse and butcher shop first opened its doors, though a sign out front boasts more than 100 years in the business. The 56-year old president and co-owner has been working in the family business for more than 40 years, and said the meat industry is what he "lives and breathes, literally."

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Foot Rot in Cattle

Foot Rot in Cattle

Heather Smith Thomas

Angus Beef Bulletin Extra

Foot rot is an infectious disease that causes swelling, heat and inflammation, resulting in severe lameness that appears suddenly. Randall Raymond, director of research and veterinary services at Simplot in Idaho, says this disease can be caused by two different bacteria.

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Second-cutting fescue makes quality hay when…

Second-cutting fescue makes quality hay when…

Craig Roberts

University of Missouri

Farmers cutting fescue hay don’t get many second chances to make quality hay. This is a one-in-five year, says Craig Roberts, University of Missouri Extension forage specialist. Cool spring temperatures made for bad fescue hay.

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Managing Your Cow Herd Through Body Condition Scoring

Managing Your Cow Herd Through Body Condition Scoring

A. Manuel Encinias, Greg Lardy

North Dakota State University

Body condition scoring of beef cattle can be an effective management tool for evaluating the energy reserves of cows and the whole nutritional program throughout the year.

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How Quality Grades and Grid Conditions Affect Carcass Value

How Quality Grades and Grid Conditions Affect Carcass Value

Pete Anderson

Ag Knowledge Services

Producing good cattle is just the start. Once you have created extra value, you have to find a way to capture that value. Grid marketing of fed cattle is one way to get paid a premium for producing something that is superior to the average.

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Factors that Affect Value

Factors that Affect Value

Pennsylvania State University

In order to market calves to their fullest potential you must evaluate each of these factors and see how they fit your operation and what the economic returns of each are.

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