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Baxter Black, DVM:  The Way A Cowboy Feels

Baxter Black, DVM:  The Way A Cowboy Feels

Oh, Lord, you gave this ranch to me.

I don’t own a stick of it, but it’s mine.

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Ag Losses Mount in Pilger

Ag Losses Mount in Pilger

Todd Neeley


Jeff Dinklage knew all hell would break lose Monday afternoon when the radar on his smart phone displayed returns of a deep magenta color near Pilger, Neb."I could just tell it was a very serious cell," he said. "I went to my basement.". . . 

J.D. Alexander, past president of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, lost a rural house in the area. His home on the south side of Pilger, where the family huddled during the storm, still stands. His cattle-feeding operation sustained "quite a bit of damage."

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Merging genetics and management for improved profitability

Merging genetics and management for improved profitability

Dr. Jared Decker

A Steak in Genomics

Commercial producers want to see improved genetic merit for fertility. Commercial producers are also concerned about feet, but what is the science behind feet evaluation?

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“Cattlemen Care” is more than a slogan

"Cattlemen Care" is more than a slogan

Dan Loy


When consumers are asked about their priorities in purchasing food like beef, they often rank value, food safety, wholesomeness and nutrition as the highest priorities. Increasingly, they are also interested in more information about where there food comes from including how the animals are raised and cared for.

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Farmers Worry Waters of the US Interpretive Rule Will Suppress Conservation

Farmers Worry Waters of the US Interpretive Rule Will Suppress Conservation

Janell Baum

Beef Producer

Farmers may fear the Natural Resources Conservation Service and turn away from agency-sponsored conservation measures thanks to a new interpretive rule on Clean Water Act ag exemptions, a Pennsylvania cattle rancher told a House Ag subcommittee Thursday.

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Consider alternative methods for confirming pregnancies

Consider alternative methods for confirming pregnancies

Farm and Ranch Guide

The breeding season is almost over and many producers are starting to either remove bulls from service or artificially inseminate their cows. The next task is to wait and see if the cows are pregnant.

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Paybacks can be heavenly

Paybacks can be heavenly

Jeff DeYoung

Iowa Farmer Today

There is no time limit on returning a favor, Dan Hanrahan says. Hanrahan and other Madison County Cattlemen’s Association members were involved in rounding up 19 heifers and donating them to South Dakota producers who lost large numbers of cattle in this past October’s blizzard.

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