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BeefTalk: Calf Planting

BeefTalk: Calf Planting

Kris Ringwall, Beef Specialist, NDSU Extension Service

As the Dickinson Research Extension Center winds up May calving, the year has been good. May calving involves pastures, grass and space. Because feed is not delivered in a bunk, the cow decides where she wants to be in the pasture and sets in motion a series of thoughts that anchor that designated space.

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Economically Relevant Traits for the ‘New Beef Industry’

Economically Relevant Traits for the ‘New Beef Industry’

Bruce Golden

A Steak in Genomics

There has been incomplete investment in the strategy of economically relevant traits. New computational and statistical advancements made genetic prediction possible. From 1975 to 1995 used sire models to predict. By 1989 approximately 20 breed associations were producing genetic estimates.

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Invasive Weed Causing Hay Headache

Invasive Weed Causing Hay Headache


Mild spring weather in parts of the US has led to a proliferation of crossleaf groundsel, Ohio farmers are being warned. Grass growth commenced around two weeks earlier than normal, providing a ‘major issue’ for hay growers, according to Ohio State University weed expert, Mark Loux.

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Dairy breeding programs may help keep beef affordable

Dairy breeding programs may help keep beef affordable


"Quality beef crossbreds from dairy cows offer benefits throughout the supply chain, from dairy farmers, to beef cattle feeders, meat processors, retailers and consumers," said Williams, while speaking at the 67th Reciprocal Meat Conference.

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Implant Cattle Properly

Implant Cattle Properly

Clyde Lane, Richard Powell, Brian White and Steve Glass

University of Tennessee

Implanting is a relatively easy management practice to perform; however, adequate restraint of the animal is required. If inadequate facilities are available, consideration should be given to purchasing/constructing needed components.

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Heat Detection of Beef Cattle

Heat Detection of Beef Cattle

Terry Goehring

Iowa Beef Center

New techniques and less expensive products for estrous synchronization have increased the use of this management practice for both commercial and seedstock producers. Hand-in-hand with synchronization comes the need for accurate heat detection.

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Alternative feeds give producers economical edge

Alternative feeds give producers economical edge

Sue Roesler

Prairie Star

Producers often search for cattle feed alternatives that are economical and will help the bottomline, yet still provide the nutrition needed, said Breanne Uffelman, Big Horn County Extension agent, in Miles City, Mont.

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What will drive the next cow herd expansion?

What will drive the next cow herd expansion?

Dr. Kenny Burdine and Dr. Greg Halich


With cattle inventory at levels not seen since the early 1960’s and a massive corn crop in the bin from 2013, it seems appropriate to evaluate the future of US cattle numbers. Numerous factors have affected cattle numbers over the last several years and undoubtedly those, and many more, will determine when we start to see expansion of the US cow-herd.

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Cattlemen’s Boot Camp, July 14-15, gives take-home ideas on beef genetics

Cattlemen’s Boot Camp, July 14-15, gives take-home ideas on beef genetics

Jared Decker

University of Missouri

A Cattlemen’s Boot Camp aims to help producers gain more profits from beef herds. The meeting, July 14-15 at the University of Missouri, helps beginners and advanced breeders. “There’s new technology on the shelf that can boost profits,” says Jared Decker, MU Extension geneticist. “Owners can take these ideas home and use them.”

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The Importance of Beef Exports

The Importance of Beef Exports

KayDee Gilkey


ast week’s WSU Beef Production Conference was a very valuable event with many great speakers who shared really good information. Did you know that the U.S. produces only 9 percent of the world’s beef cattle and yet provides 20 percent of the global supply of beef?

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