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Newborn Calf Mortality Has Many Sources

Newborn Calf Mortality Has Many Sources

Aerica Bjurstrom

University of Wisconsin

As calving season gets into full swing, you are probably preparing your farm to provide the best possible start for your new calf crop.  A new calf crop is an exciting and stressful time on a farm.

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Direct Marketing to Increase Profit

Direct Marketing to Increase Profit

Shannon Sand

 Beef Today

Direct marketing is a popular concept among small to medium sized producers and is a good alternative for beginning producers. Direct marketing in essence removes the "middle man" from the marketing process, as a company’s message is provided directly to potential customers.

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OSU Studying Water Efficiency in Beef Cattle

OSU Studying Water Efficiency in Beef Cattle

Oklahoma Farm Report

Oklahoma State University has been awarded a million dollar grant by through the US Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture to look at water utilization by beef cattle.

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Ground Beef Nation’ study heats up industry discussion         

Ground Beef Nation’ study heats up industry discussion           

Progressive Cattleman

Cassidy Woolsey   

Cost, convenience and quality – that is what Don Close, Rabobank cattle economist and author of “Ground Beef Nation,” says is determining Americans’ choice of meat.

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A Dip in The Cow Chips

A Dip in The Cow Chips

Victoria G. Myers

Progressive Farmer

Asking Sandra Marvel about dung beetles is a lot like asking a doting grandma about her grandkids. Marvel will happily spend an hour extolling the virtues of tunnelers, dwellers and rollers. She’ll gush over the beauty of these beetles, once considered "sacred scarabs" by the Egyptians. Dung beetles, it seems, have found a spot in Marvel’s heart.

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How can I grow better cattle leg hair?

How can I grow better cattle leg hair?

Livestock Show Tips

Brushing is a crucial part of developing a thick cattle coat which is desired by the show judges today around the United States. It’s important to note that having lots of hair on the legs of your calf will not hide every fault.

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Heat Detection of Beef Cattle

Heat Detection of Beef Cattle

Terry Goehring

Iowa Beef Center

New techniques and less expensive products for estrous synchronization have increased the use of this management practice for both commercial and seedstock producers. Hand-in-hand with synchronization comes the need for accurate heat detection.

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Reducing Fly Numbers on Pastured Cattle

Reducing Fly Numbers on Pastured Cattle

Dave Boxler

University of Nebraska

As late spring approaches, livestock producers should evaluate and select pasture fly control options available for their specific management system. There are three fly species in Nebraska which could economically impact pastured livestock; the horn fly, face fly and stable fly.

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Excessive summertime heat can shorten gestation time for beef cattle

Excessive summertime heat can shorten gestation time for beef cattle

Science Daily

Southern Plains cow-calf producers with fall-calving herds should be watching out for any incidence of premature births this August.

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Ethanol producer moves into cattle feeding

Ethanol producer moves into cattle feeding

Ken Anderson

Brownfield Network

A major U.S. ethanol producer is moving into the cattle feeding business. Omaha-based Green Plains Inc. has acquired the assets of Kansas-based Supreme Cattle Feeders from Agri Beef Co.  The purchase includes a 70-thousand head capacity feed yard and the Cimarron Grain storage facility based near Kismet (kiz-met), Kansas.

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