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Rancher finds lost Black Angus bull, mostly

Rancher finds lost Black Angus bull, mostly

Phil Luciano

Journal Star

    Area ranchers, relax: don’t fret over any dadgum cattle rustlers. That was the fear hereabouts after a rancher reported the possible theft of a valuable Black Angus bull. But before sheriff’s deputies had to form a posse to hunt down any dirty desperadoes, yours truly solved the mystery.

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Range, Pastures Recovering From Drought in Many Areas

Range, Pastures Recovering From Drought in Many Areas

Cheryl Anderson


Many ranchers and farmers will find their rangeland and pastures in better shape for the 2014 growing season, though some areas are still recovering from drought.

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Try the New ‘Drive-Through’ Beef Unloading System

Try the New ‘Drive-Through’ Beef Unloading System

Tom Bechman

Beef Producer

OK, you go through drive-throughs to get coffee, cokes, sandwiches, you even go through drive-throughs to do your banking. Why not go through a drive-through to unload your cattle, instead of turning your neck and backing up to one spot to unload?

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Does Bale Wrap Affect Palatability?

Does Bale Wrap Affect Palatability?

The Beef Site

Cattle prefer hay wrapped in breathable film over net-wrapped, according to a study in The Professional Animal Scientist. Three different methods of wrapping and storing alfalfa hay in round bales were used to explore possible differences in preferential consumption.

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Improve pregnancy rates with simple adjustments

Improve pregnancy rates with simple adjustments

Laurie Bedord


“Accurate detection of estrus, inseminator efficiency, and fertility of the semen are all vital to the success of any breeding program,” says George Perry, South Dakota State University Extension beef reproductive management specialist. “However, even when these three elements are well managed, other factors can reduce pregnancy rates.”

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Factors Affecting the Beef Choice/Select Spread

Factors Affecting the Beef Choice/Select Spread

J. Ross Pruitt, Kellie Curry Raper, Derrell S. Peele

Louisiana State University

The choice/select boxed beef spread, commonly referred to as the choice/select spread, is the difference between wholesale boxed beef cut-out values for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s choice and select quality grade carcasses on any given day.

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Optimizing Reproductive Performance

Optimizing Reproductive Performance

Rick Funston and Tom Geary

Montana State University

Rebreeding performance of the first calf heifer has major economic consequences. This classification of breeding animal is often the most challenging to manage for reproductive efficiency, primarily because this animal is not only subject to the stresses of calving and lactation for the first time but she is also still growing.

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Locomotion Scoring: Speaking a Common Language

Locomotion Scoring: Speaking a Common Language

Heidi Carroll


When producers identify lame animals in the herd, it is helpful to consult with a veterinarian using a common language to describe the observed signs of lameness. This common language can be a locomotion scoring system, an objective measure indicating the severity of an animal’s lameness. Monitoring a herd’s locomotion score can also provide a picture of the prevalence of lameness.

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Some tips for cattle, forage producers

Some tips for cattle, forage producers

The Baxter Bulletin

Processing spring-born calves at three months often occurs during the June-July period. Now is a good time to implant castrated male calves.

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Which Cattle Operations Will Be Expanding, And Where?

Which Cattle Operations Will Be Expanding, And Where?

Wes Ishmael 


If ever there was a time for producers to expand the nation’s cowherd, you’d think this would have to be it.

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