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Influences Altering Cow Culling Priorities

Influences Altering Cow Culling Priorities


Unprecedented profit levels create a market climate that alters historic culling recommendations given to cattle producers, explained Jim Krantz, SDSU Extension Cow/Calf Field Specialist.

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Alabama heifers, kids arrive in S.D.

Alabama heifers, kids arrive in S.D.

The Cattle Business Weekly

Awesome. Trip of a lifetime. Great fun. These were all words spoken by the members of the Lauderdale County Jr. Cattlemen’s Association of Alabama who traveled to South Dakota this week to deliver heifers to ranchers impacted by Storm Atlas.

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Closely monitor medicated mineral intake

Closely monitor medicated mineral intake

Glenn Selk

High Plains Journal

Medicated minerals are available and frequently used to help prevent the blood-born disease, anaplasmosis. A consistent and appropriate intake of the mineral is critical to a successful anaplasmosis prevention program.

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Get Ready for a Tough Fly Year

Get Ready for a Tough Fly Year

Dr. Ken McMillan

DTN/The Progressive Farmer

With the price of cattle these days, a good fly-control program only becomes more valuable. Horn flies can decrease gain in calves from 12 to 20 pounds and lead to weight loss in adult cattle and bulls, as well.

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Vote sparks debate on how Texas beef is promoted

Vote sparks debate on how Texas beef is promoted

Mose Buchele


Forget the governor’s race. The votes now being counted have to do with beef. Friday was the final day for ranchers and others who deal in cattle to vote on starting a Texas beef checkoff, which would levy a fee charged each time a cow is sold. There’s already a national beef checkoff that levies a $1 fee on the seller per cow.

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Cattle feedlot nutrition ‘Boot Camp’ takes learning a step beyond

Cattle feedlot nutrition ‘Boot Camp’ takes learning a step beyond

Mary Lou Peter


Boot camp. The expression conjures images of basic but intense, hands-on training. And that’s just what happens when 30 young men and women spend a week at the Feedlot Nutritionist Boot Camp in Amarillo, Texas, although in this case the trainees are university graduate students learning the real-life intricacies of cattle feedlot nutrition

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When grass seed heads appear, hay quality drops

When grass seed heads appear, hay quality drops

Rob Kallenbach

University of Missouri

So far, it’s a bad hay year. Cool weather, lack of sun and dry soil slowed grass growth. Dry matter per acre is about one-third of what we expect this time of year, says Rob Kallenbach, University of Missouri Extension forage agronomist.

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