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The simple economics of breeding soundness exams for bulls

The simple economics of breeding soundness exams for bulls

Frank Wardynski

Michigan State University

Annually, about 20-25 percent of bulls do not pass breeding soundness exams. After the harsh temperatures and wind chills experienced this past winter, many anticipate that number to increase do to frost bit testicles and poor body condition.

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Have Cattle Prices and Lost Grazing Acres Altered Cow Culling Priorities?

Have Cattle Prices and Lost Grazing Acres Altered Cow Culling Priorities?

Jim Krantz


Management decisions relating to culling stock cows have increased dramatically in complexity under current market conditions. The January 1 USDA inventory of “all cows and heifers calved”, is the lowest total since 1941, indicating some potential for continued profitability in the cow/calf sector for several years to come.

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Rotated Pastures Capture More Moisture

Rotated Pastures Capture More Moisture

Loretta Sorensen

Hay and Forage Grower

The creek at Rock Hills Ranch, Lowry, SD, now runs high only during spring snowmelt. Rotational grazing has reduced the amount of rainwater entering the creek from 5,000 acres of grassland owned by fourth-generation rancher Lyle Perman and his son Luke.

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After the Cattle Have Gone: Maintaining Feedlots

After the Cattle Have Gone: Maintaining Feedlots


A feedlot may become abandoned for a variety of reasons but one thing remains the same – work must be done to ensure cattle farmers remains a ‘good neighbour’. An extension expert in Nebraska has urged feeders to minimise the environmental impact that can stem from an abandoned feedyard once the cattle leave.

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Are there concerns or limits for adding liquids to a TMR mixer?

Are there concerns or limits for adding liquids to a TMR mixer?

Dr. Alan S. Vaage Ph.D.

American Cattleman

The ability to add liquids to a total mixed ration (TMR), as well as the method used, are functions of the type of mixer used, especially horizontal versus vertical mixers. Overall, the limit for any TMR mixer to use liquids will be based on either its ability to contain it, or the capacity of the feed to absorb it.

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Managing the Postpartum Interval

Managing the Postpartum Interval

Rick Funston

Montana State University

Do you want to receive more money for your calves this fall? Of course, we all do, the key is to receive a greater return than the investment. There are several critical success factors in every beef cattle operation; including managing cow costs, weaning weights and % calf crop. The most critical time period for opportunity to influence these factors is just prior to and after calving.

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Selecting cow/calf record keeping software

Selecting cow/calf record keeping software

Jay Jenkins


Before you buy computer software to keep cow/calf production records, you first need to decide what information you need to keep. Make a checklist that includes the items that you need. Include not only the necessities, but also those things that while not necessary, would be nice.

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OK State to Host National Beef Reproduction Conference

OK State to Host National Beef Reproduction Conference


Cow-calf producers and large-animal veterinarians should plan now to attend the 2014 Applied Reproductive Strategies in Beef Cattle Conference hosted by Oklahoma State University’s Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Oct. 8-9.

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Drylot management for beef cow/calf systems

Drylot management for beef cow/calf systems

Iowa Farmer Today

The use of a drylot beef cow/calf system is an alternative management system to the traditional methods of pasture or range beef production. By definition, a drylot system involves confining cow/calf pairs in a feedlot environment during part or all of the summer or fall grazing season.

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Texas Brangus Association Elects New Officers

Texas Brangus Association Elects New Officers


The Texas Brangus Breeders Association (TBBA) announces four new officers to serve on the TBBA Board of Directors. The officers were elected at the TBBA meeting May 3, 2014. They will be charged with providing strategic guidance and overall leadership for Texas Brangus breeders.

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